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Cape or Glasses?

Written by on December 1st, 2011 –

Cape or glasses, decisions decisions!

I am known among my friends for being the quiet, reserved, and responsible one. I am the Clark Kent of the story, not Superman (or woman in my case). It is not usually in my nature to be loud, or attention seeking. I am routine oriented, organized and thrive in structure. MS is anything but these things. It’s like this disease lies in wait for you to make plans then mocks you and forces you to change everything. I swear I am only mildly bitter! I don’t get mad though, I get even; at least my version of even.

When I was first diagnosed with MS I felt like my world was spiralling out of control. I couldn’t control my legs, I had appointments all the time, important decisions I didn’t feel ready to make. At 21 I had a hard time coping. So I thought I would control what I could. I started dying my hair. I naturally have dark blonde hair; this would prove to be a very useful canvas. (more…)