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Travels with Team ‘Us’

Written by on May 14th, 2013 – 2 Comments

I love to travel – apparently no one else in my family does – but I’m determined that this year we’ll take a family vacation.  My oldest is 6 years old and we’ve yet to take a vacation as a family.

I remember, at the ripe ‘ole age of 11, my parents took us on a road trip to Florida; think 24 hr drive, a few kids, a hurricane, 2 days of sunshine, and Disney World.  We had a blast…. I’m not so sure my parents did though!

So off we go to Niagara Falls at the end of May.  We’re taking my mom with us cause who travels without their best friend?

Will it be easy?  No.  Will it get complicated?  Maybe.  We’re also traveling on a budget.  Yikes.  I’m still wondering how we’re going to fit a wheelchair, a double stroller, all our luggage, 3 kids (2 in car seats!), and 3 adults in our 7-seater van.  AHAHAHAHHAHA!

I’m laughing now cause lets face it, it won’t be funny on the road.  I can the taste the ‘are we there yets’ and the ‘I have to go pees’.  My dear, loving, thoughtful husband will tease the 6 year old – she’ll get angry at him, I’ll get angry at them.  The 2 year old might sleep a good way through and will keep us all on our toes.  The baby…. who the heck decides to go to Marineland with not only a mother in a wheelchair but a baby and a toddler in strollers?????


So the journey begins… my relationship with Multiple Sclerosis

Written by on March 5th, 2013 – 10 Comments

I always knew that one day I would take care of my parents.  I knew I was part of the ‘sandwich generation’ > folks who would, at some point, take care of both their own children and their parents at the same time.  My mom turned 50 last week… I thought ‘one day’ was 10-15 years away.

The stroke that wasn’t a stroke (not even a TIA) followed by partial paralysis that lasted months;  the loss of function in her hand that eventually came back, months later.  The July morning 2 years ago when she woke up and couldn’t walk.  Except for a brief respite last summer, she hasn’t walked since.

Finally, what we never hoped for

After years of life-changing symptoms… we finally have a diagnosis:  My mother – my beautiful, young, vibrant mother – has Multiple Sclerosis.  She’s never going to walk again.  She’s never going to chase after butterflies with my girls again.  My two youngest will never remember my mom without a walker or a cane.  My oldest asks why her grandma can’t push her on the swings anymore.

I’m angry.  Angry at the doctors that never put 2 & 2 together.  Angry at the genetic makeup that made her susceptible to develop MS.  Angry that she can’t be there for me the way I need her. (more…)

On the flip side

Written by on November 15th, 2011 –

Life in my household has been chaotic as of lately. My mom (or mama as I loving refer to her) recently underwent major surgery. My aunt from Alberta flew out to be here while she was in the hospital and for the first few days she was home. Now that my aunt has flown home, during the day it is typically just me and my mama. Everyone else is currently working full-time. After all the years of mama taking care of me, I gladly get to return the favour. (more…)