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A Moment of Personal Triumph

Written by on July 16th, 2013 – 5 Comments

On the May long weekend, my husband and I decided to hike Quarry Rock. It’s a part of the Baden Powell Trail, located in Deep Cove, which is 13 km from downtown Vancouver. It’s a punishing, steep and winding 8 km hike to the Quarry Rock view point. The trail is a mass of roots, loose rock, slippery sections, rough stairs (some of which are hip high!) and bridges. Conditions are such that if you’re like me and have no proprioception (and therefore, no balance) you cannot allow your attention to stray from you feet for a single second.

The trail head begins with a climb that is 45 degrees straight up. I stood looking up at it and thinking “WOW!” and wondering if I was out of my mind. My second thought (the one that usually gets me into trouble) was “Well…as long as I’m here…”