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The Never Ending Battle With MS, My Weight and My Laziness

Written by on June 24th, 2014 – 3 Comments

I bIMG_0051ought a new shirt earlier this month. It says “I’m not lazy – I’m physically conservative.” I tend to be on the lazier side – y’know little things like not wanting to get out of bed to answer a phone, stretching as far off my couch to reach my computer without actually getting up, frequently choosing the escalator over stairs.

But I’ve always been active – when I was younger I was in swimming lessons, and my mom would try to get me involved in basketball and soccer (that didn’t stick.) For 8 years I was enrolled in Karate, and that gave me a chance to exercise and get off my couch. I loved it, and even though it’s taken a back seat to my academics and volunteer work, I 100% intend on returning to it.

And my mom always made sure I was a healthy eater – lots of fresh fruit and veggies, homecooked meals as often as possible, limits on the amount of cookies and pop I could have.

But despite that, I’ve never been the healthiest person. I probably like McDonald’s a little too much, and may have some self control issues when a pizza or chocolate is placed in front of me.

However that all changed when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I realized that I needed to become more aware of my body, my health and really take control of it. This realization was by no means an instant one. I was diagnosed in July 2012, but it wasn’t until May 2013 that I realized how important it was.

Living on campus, and not having my mom looking over my shoulder led to me not being physically active… at all, and making poor choices about my diet. This led to me getting completely out of shape, and gaining a lot of weight.


Maven of the dance floor

Written by on October 15th, 2013 – 1 Comment

My momma has always been a great dancer, and I learned from the best.  She lets the music take over and she floats over that dance floor…. or rather, she did.

She spent too much time cooped up on the top floor of an inaccessible home; too much time hopped up on more meds than you can count; too many hours in pointless doctors’ visits.

But last night… she danced.  In her new gogo-scooter at a family event… she ‘chair-danced’ a la Claire Huxtable, boppin’ her top half like the maven she is.

My step-dad was on top of the world.  She couldn’t stop smiling.  And all I could do was stand there and watch, mesmerized.

She hasn’t walked in 2 + years…. but last night, she danced.

How it All Began

Written by on November 24th, 2011 – 1 Comment

Though I have written several blog articles and it is known that MS is an adversary of mine, how it all began still remains a mystery. Today I will shed light on this mystery. As I often reference comic book heroes, I will unmask my secret for you.

It started when I was 19 and it started out simple enough. It was a numb patch on my upper left thigh. Then the unyielding pain in my feet started, the numbness progressed all the way down my left leg. (more…)