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  • October 10, 2011 at 9:24 pm #6774


    27.. Symptoms for the last 2 years-ish. Pretty minimial symptoms actually, some bouts of really bad vertigo and numbness in both of my hands off and on. I really truly thought i had a pinched nerve….. I only went to the neuro because my gp thought maybe it was carpel tunnel. They tested for that then sent me for an MRI. Totally did not expect the diagnosis, or that i would have so many lesions. Kinda blows my mind….. And i feel like it was a total fluke that got diagonsed, so i guess i should be thankful for that.

    October 10, 2011 at 9:55 pm #6775


    It’s crazy how often people get tested for carpel tunnel. I’ve had the tests THREE times. (And refuse to get tested anymore, as I KNOW it’s not carpel-it’s spinal lesions that have robbed me of the feeling in my hands.) I guess they go with the easiest things first.

    I am curious how they made the leap from carpel to MS so quickly. I was tested twice and found neg. for carpel and they just let it drop-no further investigation and certainly no diagnosis!

    November 2, 2011 at 6:11 am #6776


    I was able to get diagnosed quickly (6 months from onset of symptoms to pending diagnosis) because, as terrible as it sounds, I was able to bypass my family doctor. I’m sure I’d still be doing tests for all kinds of things if I hadn’t been able to see a neurologist right away. She told me at one point (while I was waiting for the second MRI) “Everyone who comes in here with numbness thinks they have MS and hardly anyone has MS”. Ouch. I’m not a doctor basher by any means. I know it’s hard being a GP, but I always think of that saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

    Changing topics, I’ve written on the blog about people falling all over themselves to help me when it’s neither wanted or needed, but I had the opposite experience not too long ago at work. I won’t get into too many details, because it’s not professional to do so online, but I had to explain my absences and was told (at one point) that my having MS was like having the flu. Ouch. That wasn’t the worse thing that was said either. It was harsh.

    Finally, I really am “young enough” since I got carded the other day at the LCBO. Yay! So excited. I’ll be 37 in a month and a half. Ha.

    November 2, 2011 at 4:27 pm #6777


    I totally know what you are saying, re: bypassing your GP. As I mentioned above it was a total fluke I got diagnosed. I have a GP in my family who referred me to a Neuro he knows well, and I truly think the only reason the Neuro even sent me for an MRI was because she has a good relationship with my family member…

    About your work- I can’t imagine how that would feel and how disappointed you must be in them. SO SO So totally inappropriate. Obvsly we don’t know you whole work situation but if there was any way to escalate that discussion with HR I would go for it.

    November 21, 2011 at 5:38 pm #6778


    hi everyone, just joined this forum today. It has been interesting reading over a lot of stuff on this site and I was inspired by the blogs on the main page. People had some really good stories and quotes to share. I’ve also found it helpful reading about other young females with MS. How they are dealing with decisions on working and parenting. My first symptom came on when I was 21, coincidentally the summer after my Dad had passed away. My left arm went numb, and also the left side of my face was feeling really weird. My family doctor had no idea what the problem could be and told me to come back in two weeks, but I knew something was up so I took myself to the hospital a couple days after that. Now i’m 29…just had my birthday last month. I was only diagnosed officially two years ago this past september. So, it has taken me a long time to sort of work through the denial. Now I am dealing more so with the depression side of things. It’s tough to imagine what a career or family could look like for me- and how I will meet people who will want to take on those things with me. It’s definitely good to read inspiring stories of people who are still living out their lives despite this disease. A dear woman name Sue Minns just passed away from cancer this past september. She was one of the first and only people I had known with the disease. Even though she was in a wheelchair, she kept the most humorous and positive attitude. I’ll always remember her whenever I am starting to feel sorry for myself. Well, this post is getting awfully long. Just wanted to post in here since I wasn’t sure at first if I was ‘too old’ or not either for this site :P I think it’s important for us to learn from one another, now matter what age. It is definitely nice to be able to hear from some people a little closer to my age bracket though. The support group in my area is mainly people in their 40’s and i’ve learned a lot from going to it. It’s just nice to have someone who might relate more specifically to what I am going through- questioning whether or not I will be able to still have children, and how the heck am I going to meet someone who will accept me the way I am?

    December 3, 2011 at 11:17 pm #6779

    robert j

    i was only 7 when i got ms it was hard being that young with m.s. i hated it when i got older i came to live with it i acepted it because i got to go to a summer camp with ppl who knew my pain it helped me a lot. know that im older its much easier now that i know that i get a college schoolership it helps so i have come from a young misunderstanding childto someone who walks with my ms

    October 19, 2012 at 1:12 pm #7838


    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to share my story with you all. I was diagnosed with RRMS when i turned 20 years old. It was hard to accept but I decided to go on with my life as it wasnt there. I tought if i pretended that MS didnt exist, i was not going be sick.. Got married and had my son a year later who is now a active 5 years old. Right after i had my son i was put on Copaxone.While taking care of my baby, i was taking online courses from home as well, and i was most of the time able to manage house cleaning,cooking , organizing..

    Now i am 26, I graduated from college almost a year ago and found a dream job as a business development manager. I was working 40/week but as soon as i get home all i wanted to do was to sleep right away. My house was messy time to time. I was leaving cleaning tasks for weekends as i didnt have any energy during the week after work. But if i was cleaning my house on the weekends then Monday mornings i wasnt able to wake up to go to work either. Then 2 weeks ago MS showed its ugly face once again. When i was working MS was always there eventhough i looked normal from outside, discomforts, no energy was making my life hard as it is. But now after using Copaxone for 5 years this relapse got me totally disabled. I can walk but i have no cordination,no balance.. my legs are numb but i can still stand on them,the numbness keeps moving from one spot to another . The reason i am sharing my story is my earlier relapses were very different than this one i am experiencing. The first time was my arm and face numb, second time my legs, then i couldnt speak for 2 months it was clearly attacking one specific part of the brain. But now it keeps moving one part of my body to another during 24 hours. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I lost my job as well becase of this issue. On top of everything i am very depressed and scared for my future which probably prevents my recovery i dont know what to do. I still take Copaxone. The question  is there any stronger meds out there than Copaxone. I feel like if Copaxone doesnt work… what will?

    October 21, 2012 at 10:39 am #7844


    I am 38, ordered a Dyson vacuum just the other day for my birthday, LOL.

    I do not have MS, my 17 year old daughter does though. She was diagnosed just a few months ago, when she was still 16. I am encouraging her to join this site and start participating, but she is not there yet… it will take her some time. In the meantime, I follow this site and tell her inspiring stories about everyone I read about on here and about the summer camp. I am so thankful for this place, it has helped me in many ways and in turn, I hope I can be a better support to my daughter.

    Best wishes to you all!


    October 24, 2012 at 11:22 pm #7867


    Hi Kubra,

    Thanks for sharing your story.  I am less than a year into my diagnosis and am not on meds at this point.  I have RRMS as well and I have been in remission for a year as well.  Before I was diagnosed I had to relapses within 6 months (the initial and the 2nd episode).  I was really luck because what I have read on this site sometimes it takes years for a diagnosis.

    You talked about numbness in your legs and I am curious if it was like mine.  I woke up one morning and my front of both of my thighs were numb and over 2 weeks the numbness spread until it was up the left side of my torso.  It slowly started to recede until my legs felt normal again.  The second time it started in my toes while playing in a softball tournament and by the end of the day both my legs were numb and this lasted about 4-5 weeks and receded again.    Now I go numb when I walk and once I stop it goes away but my legs have reduces sensitivity in my legs.  I am as active as I can be.  I play indoor beach volleyball 3 days a week all year round.  I am afraid MS is going to take this away from me, fatigue is a huge problem for me everyday, but I think the biggest challenge for me is guilt.  I feel guilty because my MS has not endangered my day to day mobility when I have heard what others have to deal with.  I know that guilt isn’t logical and I feel incredibly luck for my prognosis.  My hope is there are others like me that are having more good days than bad.

    Sorry for rambling…I am still trying to figure out how to express my story and my feeling in regards to my MS.

    October 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm #7872


    Hi MSBeans,

    I am glad to hear that you are doing so good and i hope it will continue like that. As you are asking about my MS I will explain little bit how it started and is going. I was 20 years old young and active girl. I had no health issues at the time i actually had 2 jobs going at the same time 🙂 One morning i woke up as i was putting make up i noticed in the mirror that the right side of my face was not moving at all.. I didnt think so much of it as the fan was on whole night long 🙂 then after taking prednisone it went away. Couple months down the road it was my arms just like you mentioned slowly the numbness did spread and went away after a while. Then the legs..

    After i had my son, i had the scariest relapse. It affected my speech and i couldnt speak for about a month. Since then i never had a big relapse so i tought i could put it behind me and move on. What was i thinking ? 🙂 Now this relapse is different then any that i had in the past. Because it is affecting a different spot every single day. There is one thing i noticed tho unlike you every time i start exercising or trying to watch my diet i mean any change in my routine, even if it is not a big relapse i do feel sick. All i am going to advise you my friend, listen to your body. Do not think i am doing so good anyway nothng is going to happen. If your body is giving you signs, go see your doctor. When this last relapse started, I was working 40-50/hours a week. Then i was coming home cooking, cleaning running after my little one. I was always tired and feeling sick i had difficulty waking up. A week before i went to see my doctor, when i was at work I noticed I was having trouble writing,signing etc. But still didnt think too much of it. I was little too optimistic, I kept telling myself well i work too much, i am tired if i rest it will probably go away I will feel better. But when i went to the emergency that day the doctor said that he was glad that i went in. And now even tho I am still on prednisone since 3 weeks i am not %100 better. And it started kind of affect my life already. I can still do my daily activities, from outside you couldnt tell i have it. But it is hard to deal with as the time goes on. Yesterday for instance i went to the grocery store by myself. At the till i asked for plastic bags as they do not bag your groceries for you at that specific store. She gave me the bags, i kept trying and trying I could not open the bags. I tought at first there was something wrong with the bags. I asked for new ones. Then the cashier got mad and she opened those 4 bags individually and tossed them at me in anger. It felt so bad..It had been 6 years but MS is a part of me that i still can not accept. So live your life but do not ignore MS like i did. Take care..

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