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    For the past year I have been displaying symptoms characteristic of MS (and other disorders), with a lapse between to bouts. I don’t have a regular doctor and have been in and out of walk-in clinics and the emergency department. Running exactly the same tests every single time, not double-checking tests that come back only slightly abnormal. The favourite conclusion is “your blood pressure is slightly low, if you eat more salt that should fix things.”

    Salt doesn’t help. Iron didn’t help. More sleep didn’t help. More water didn’t help. More exercise didn’t help. Less exercise didn’t help. Heart rhythm always comes back normal. No new allergies I don’t know of. Slightly low iron levels and blood pressure, but nothing that would normally be cause for concern. Yet I can’t even get new tests done for ANYTHING. So off I go, searching for a regular doctor. Finally found a clinic in my city accepting new patients. Filled out a new patient form yesterday and am hoping to finally have a regular doctor so I can find out what this is.

    I’m tired of feeling exhausted. Tired of being even clumsier than usual, unable to hang onto things properly. Whatever is wrong with me is starting to affect my grades in university. I went from a 3.8 GPA last semester to a 2.9 this semester. Unless I can manage to bring it up with my finals here.. I just want to know what this is. I hadn’t considered MS until my last hospital visit, when I called my mom about it she suggested I go request testing for MS. Just.. Looking for some support or advice or stories I guess.

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