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  • February 22, 2012 at 8:05 am #6503


    This week has been everywhere for me, I failed my first test in over 2 years since changing to my alternate school. After studying for a week on just this one stupid test. Wrote a poem sort of about ms, had a relapse and I’m just stressing to keep my gpa where it is and because of this test if I don’t seriously do something my stress levels will hit a new high and my marks will hit a new low not seen since mainstream high school.

    anyone got any suggestions on what I could possibly do?

    February 23, 2012 at 1:02 am #7054


    Sounds like me last semester.

    To get through it, I made a very, VERY detailed schedule (hour by hour, some times by half hour increments) every single day for classes, what I could study, what homework I would do, all my chores and what not, and went over it very thoroughly and reviewed it constantly to make sure I wasn’t overworking myself (I noticed that I was trying to power through at the beginning of the week, and that just ended up leaving me completely burnt out by the middle of the week, bad idea. Make sure you space things out well). I started studying with a group of friends. Sometimes we’d go over content together to study for tests, sometimes we’d just do our homework quietly on our own but still together. That really, really helped. When I got stuck and confused because of cognitive problems, they were extremely supportive and helped me get through it. I started seeing a tutor for my most difficult class and highly recommend them (I was fortunate enough that my math teacher was also my school’s professional tutor for that subject). When you’re studying, use multiple reminders. Don’t try to learn something just one way, use acronyms, pictures, words, a song, anything that works, and use several of those methods for each piece of information. That way if something short circuits during a test, you’ll have another pathway to follow to get to that information in your brain. It really does work (doing things that way has boosted my grade in a subject by about 20-30%, and that’s going from a basic course to an advanced course). Make use of any assistance you can get at school, it’s surprising how many things they can help with (extra time to write tests, writing tests in a separate room where it is more quiet, etc are possibilities). Most importantly though: take time for yourself to just push all the thoughts about school and anything else that is stressing you out of your mind. It’s really hard to do at first, but you can’t do anything if you don’t take care of yourself first. Once you get into the swing of having relaxation time, it really makes it easier to adjust your mindset as well (ex: instead of thinking “if I don’t ace this test I’m going to fail”, think “this isn’t a test, it’s a challenge, and I’m going to rock it”). Make your self-fulfilling prophecy a good one instead of a negative one. And make sure you don’t cram! No long study sessions, they are terrible. Study for 20 minutes, take a break and actually physically get away from whatever you are studying, then give yourself a little quiz with flashcards, make note of any areas you had a hard time with, and move along. It’s hard work, but you’ll do great. Keep at it, we’re cheering for you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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