Comment Policy

Please be aware that any and all information on Someone Like Me does not necessarily represent the opinion of the MS Society of Canada, and is not intended as advice of any kind (medical, financial, etc.). For specific advice and opinion, always consult the relevant professionals.

Someone Like Me is a forum in which young people impacted by MS to share their stories about and experiences with multiple sclerosis. This includes those with MS or facing the prospect of an MS diagnosis, and those who have a loved one with MS or are supporting an individual who is living with MS. In addition, MS Society volunteers and staff will find timely, credible and relevant information on key topics and issues for young Canadians impacted by MS.

It is a youth-driven, youth-oriented community meeting place; our goal is to be open and accessible, and to discuss issues and feelings freely, safely, and comfortably.

What Is Website Moderation?

Someone Like Me is a real-time moderated website, which means that message board posts will be published immediately and reviewed by MS Society staff after they are published. Comments on blogs will be held for approval only for first time users. This is for everyone’s protection—yours and ours—because it ensures that conversations on this site, even when they involve differences of opinion or sensitive issues, are respectful and productive.

We welcome lively discussion and encourage you to take part in conversation freely. We expect that participants will treat each other, blog post authors, and anyone who is mentioned in or comments on a blog post/message board with respect, and that contributions will always aim, even when they disagree over matters of content, to be a constructive part of our ongoing dialogue. We reserve the right to refrain from publishing any submitted contribution which hinders rather than encourages respectful dialogue, and to permanently bar any user whose contributions are consistently deemed inappropriate.

What Contributions Are Off-Limits?

We really hope that Someone Like Me will become a forum for lively conversation. Differences of opinion are healthy, and we welcome rousing debate.

To preserve the integrity of Someone Like Me and the conversations that happen here, we will not publish any comments or message board posts that:

  • are obscene, sexually explicit, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, or embarrassing to another user or any other person or entity;
  • wander off topic, or are irrelevant to the subject matter of the post to which they are attached;
  • make any manner of personal attack or which target the author(s) of a post or another website user rather than the substance of their opinions;
  • are deemed spam (where spam is defined as any repeated comment, as well as any off-topic comment, including commercial spam, advertisements, solicitations of business, and comments not advancing the original post’s topic);
  • include material that is copyrighted, unless you are the copyright owner or have the permission of the copyright owner to post it, and/or reveals trade secrets, unless you own them or have the permission of the owner, and/or infringes on any other intellectual property rights of others or on the privacy or publicity rights of others;
  • give advice or recommendations on specific pharmaceutical or alternative products, therapies, interventions, and/or treatments;
  • contain sales pitches, solicitations, or commercial expressions of interest.

Contributor Registration

In order to leave a comment or contribute a message board post to Someone Like Me you will be asked to provide a username — which can be an anonymous “handle” if you so choose (which will appear beside your comment or message board post), and your email address (which will never appear publicly). The process is quick and easy, and is meant to provide a level of comfort and protection.

The personally identifiable information that is collected via use of Someone Like Me is voluntarily provided by individuals who opt in to our message boards or blog commenting system; it is not required by us. This personal information will not be used, or viewed by any person, other than for safety and contact purposes, if there is a problem with the database, if the website visitor has asked to be contacted, or the website visitor has violated the moderation policy. Users may remove their contact information from our database by deleting their user file.

Contributor Privacy

To protect your privacy please do not include any identifying information in the body of your comment or message board post (such as your email address or website URL) unless you intend for it to be available publicly.

Why Doesn’t My Comment/Post Show Up Right Away?

While we try to review and publish comments and message board posts as soon as we can; during busy times this may take up to one business day. Please be patient if your contribution does not show up immediately, and please do not resubmit it multiple times.

Will You Edit Contributions Before Publishing Them?

We will not edit or modify contributions as submitted (for spelling, grammar, etc., as well as on matters of substance) in any way as long as it complies with standards for the site (see above re: what is “off-limits”). If a contribution to the conversation on Someone Like Me adheres to this Moderation Policy it will be published precisely as you submit it.

Copyright Of Contributions

The MS Society of Canada accepts no liability for the content of user contributions to Someone Like Me. Copyright of contributions, whether comments on blog posts or submissions to the message boards, remains with the individual user. By submitting a contribution to Someone Like Me you agree to hold the MS Society of Canada, its employees, agents, and representatives, free from implication in or responsibility for any and all repercussions, damages, or liability that may result from your contribution.

Changes To The Moderation Policy

The MS Society of Canada reserves the right to modify or supplement this Moderation Policy at any time. If we make a change to this Moderation Policy, we will post such changes on this website.