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Interesting read…your thoughts?

Written by on September 1st, 2015 –

I read this information below to a group of people the other day…found it interesting who agreed with which statements! This was from an article posted on the MS Society of Canada facebook page – my thoughts are below each comment… You don’t have to agree with them of course!

11 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with MS

1)  “You don’t look sick.”

–       I have often wished that I would have shaved my head when I was diagnosed … so I didn’t get this comment. The hidden part of this illness can sometimes be the hardest I find.

2)  “You’re still young enough to get better.”

– uh thanks?

3)  “I don’t know how you caught that.”

– Thanks, neither do I? so stop blaming my dad whose a farmer…I don’t need to blame someone in order to feel better

4)  “Don’t they have a pill for that?”

– they have a pill for everything … some are legal, some aren’t

5)  “I have a friend with MS and she never misses work.”

– that’s awesome! I actually have the flu today … not MS ha

6)  “You are progressing so positively, you must not have what they thought.”

– or I’m a rockstar!

7)  “You use it as a crutch.”








8)  “How did you get approved for disability and I didn’t.”

– my writing is easier to read … 🙂

9)  “My mom had that, and she exercised and now she is cured.”

– miracle cure …. Awesome!

10)  “If you wake up earlier, you could sleep at night.”

– probably true most days .. but today .. I’m exhausted … MS

11) “It could be worse.”

–       You’re right … it could be (I can’t say I disagree w/ this one 100%.)

–       There was a general consensus .. that when someone with MS tells you this, it’s more acceptable then when just a random person tells you this


What are your thoughts about these statements??

Negative attitude anyone?!

Written by on July 21st, 2015 – 4 Comments

Random topic I know … but an important question I believe.

Do you often find that ANY diagnosed illness or condition CAN lead to an excuse to be negative??

Do I agree with this? To a point – yes.  I think any diagnosis is shocking and everyone deals differently. Some hit rock bottom before picking up the pieces, some stay at rock bottom, some never get that low – it varies, I realize that.  I’m not telling anyone how to act or react …

question markMy question is this;

When does having a negative attitude get to be too much? When are you allowed to slap someone silly and say “relax, it could be worse” or “stop being a downer to everyone else”.  How long do you let someone play their pity role?

I have always believed that MS (or any illness) does NOT allow you to be the “negative nancy” of the group …

Would love someone’s input on how to approach people who are negative with their illness … and I don’t mean “down days” .. I mean pity days ALL THE TIME.  Who go on and on about how awful this illness is the worst – it’s fine if they choose to poison their own life with that attitude,  but what about when they start to poison other people (with or without MS) and put bad thoughts in their head about this illness?



Well I did it…reached my 10 year goal!

Written by on June 9th, 2015 – 1 Comment

Hope everyone has been having a great summer. I had some exciting news that I wanted to share with everyone and provide some motivation to those just starting out their fundraising efforts :).


DSC03904 (2)I was diagnosed 11 years ago, I was unable to participate in the MS walk my first year due to the stress and side effects I was going through with MS.  It was also only a few weeks away and I was no where near ready for that.

The following year, so 10 years ago, we participated in the MS walk here in Saskatoon.  I had secretly (and silently) set a team goal for myself … that in 10 years I wanted to raise $100,000.

Well … you guessed it … this year we raised just over $13,000 … meaning our team hit our goal … I am thrilled beyond thrilled … $104,000 in 10 years … my mind is blown!!!

YOU CAN DO IT .. you can help … every penny counts …


Written by on April 22nd, 2015 –

Capture3It’s that time of year again!!! Sunday is the big MS walk in Saskatoon and I’m very excited!!! I always love doing “CTV news clips” here in Saskatoon – wanted to share two that I’ve been a part of in the last couple of weeks to help promote the walk!!

GET WALKING EVERYONE! Thanks for all that you do!



Check out the 2 links below to watch the features on CTV News Saskatoon!

This one is from last week:

This one is from yesterday! (Start watching at 8 minutes): 

I encourage each of you to get involved in any way that you can, being an MS ambassador is amazing!

By coming together at the MS Walk and through your fundraising efforts, we make a tangible and life-changing difference to the 100,000 Canadians living with MS. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with members of the community while supporting a great cause! Go to to register today or to sponsor a team!

Stop telling me to get the flu shot…Or not to get it!!!…back off!

Written by on January 13th, 2015 – 1 Comment

flu shotThis is NOT meant to start a debate, as this is merely how I feel after doing all the research I have done … I have made choices FOR ME … for no one else.

I often find that the best doctors or health practitioners are those who don’t know a thing … there are many decisions I make in my life that are the best for me. I’m not saying you have to agree with ANY decision I make or write about, and that’s OK! But I don’t appreciate feeling attacked for my own opinion.

My husband and I have made the decision to NOT get the flu shot, I’m sure some of you support that and some of you don’t – that’s ok! But do I feel the need to verbally attack people who choose the flu shot? NO! So why is it ok to verbally attack me because I chose to not get the flu shot. (more…)

My favorite SEASON IS HERE! What’s yours??

Written by on October 7th, 2014 – 7 Comments

DSC01602This topic is as simple as it suggests, what’s your favorite season? When does your body feel the best?

I LOVE FALL !!! Yes I love summer, but unless I’m laying by a pool with quick access to cool my body off – I prefer a temperature where my body doesn’t over heat.

To the Newly Diagnosed…

Written by on July 22nd, 2014 – 6 Comments

I pose a question to you … WHEN do you like to be reached out to? How often? Do you prefer someone of the same sex? Does age matter? What are your main concerns? It seems like ages ago that I had all these same questions but I was on the other side of the line … I felt like I had no one to talk to.

I am part of a newly diagnosed group, and our volunteer role is to reach out to newly diagnosed individuals.  Often I find myself wondering; am I pushy? Am I neglecting? Am I over bearing? Am I scary? A million questions float through my head.

I often find that the volunteer who has had MS for 10 years now is often as nervous as the newly diagnosed patient.  Will I be good enough? Will I be able to answer all the questions? Will I come off like I am a pro at this? How can I show that I too was once unsure of the future, and that I still get scared when I have a relapse.

So newly diagnosed … what do you prefer when you meet someone who is more experienced with MS? And what do you HATE?


She is here!

Written by on April 1st, 2014 – 1 Comment

As many of you know who are parents, you don’t have MORE free time … you have LESS FREE TIME!

My blogs have fallen short 🙁

On January 24, 2014 at 4:24am, my beautiful baby girl arrived.  Harper was 6 lbs and 8 oz and 19 ½ “ long.  She keeps me on my toes but I love her more and more everyday! Thank you all for the well wishes and positive thoughts.

Thankfully, my MS also stayed in remission after I gave birth. I’m told this would be my highest chance of an attack, so we were ready for it. I had my mom and dad come stay with us for a few weeks to ensure I got adequate rest.  Keeping my diet and health intact has been a task, but thankfully I prepared meals ahead of time.

All the times I have doubted what I’m capable of and if I could trust my body or not after my MS Diagnosis, were dismissed when I had a natural drug free labor and delivery (which were my intentions).  I regained full confidence in what the human body is capable of.

Now if you’ll excuse me … I have a sweet baby to cuddle J

What’s helped me through my pregnancy … if you’re thinking about getting pregnant! A few tips … take em or leave em.

Written by on March 18th, 2014 – 2 Comments

Almost done my pregnancy and to my surprise, I was faced with something I didn’t think would be an issue; procedures done in the delivery room.

About a week ago, my OB referred me to see an anesthesiologist here in Saskatoon. I thought this was regular protocol, after discussing with other pregnant women – this is not protocol.  However, I was happy to meet him.

I have thought long and hard about what I always felt was missing from Family Conferences or Blogs, etc. – it was someone who had MS prior to pregnancy. I wanted to know if pregnancy was an option, what my drug options were, my rate of relapse, EVERYTHING! I had no one to ask … so I reach out to anyone thinking about getting pregnant, feel free to message me … I wish I would have had someone who understood my questions and concerns.

Please keep in mind everyone has a different pregnancy, these 7 tips just helped me …

Tip #1: Meet with your OB and don’t hide your health history … they WANT to help you!


Wow what a 9 months it has been!

Written by on January 28th, 2014 – 1 Comment

Unfortunately like most pregnant women, time flies!! I thought I would have more time than I actually did to do nothing but blog – this obviously wasn’t the case.

Of course I realize that every pregnant woman has their struggles, and every MS patient has their personal struggles with being pregnant (or not pregnant for that matter).  Here is what I discovered:

  • Never did I imagine that pregnancy & MS attacks would present themselves the same way!
  • The fatigue you feel when you have MS is doubled when you start growing a human in your body!
  • The great thing; when your legs go numb – it MAY be MS, it may be pregnancy … either way, it doesn’t much matter … you just deal with it
  • There are times when the diet you worked so hard to help your MS goes out the window and your cravings win, guilt-free!
  • Your illness MAY go into remission, it may not … you deal with it either way, just like before …
  • Your illness may NOT go into remission, there are options – don’t panic.

I can say this; I have been pregnant for almost 9 months now (baby is set to arrive any day now), and I have been fortunate.  Yes I have been beyond tired, but my MS has stayed in remission the whole time.

It’s amazing how I spent so many years NEVER trusting my body anymore b/c I always felt it failed me … I felt my immune system turned it’s back on me, and now that I’m raising a child inside me and getting ready for one of the hardest most strenuous things I’ve ever done (give birth), I’m happy to say I trust my body.  My body went into remission and allowed me to give this baby a healthy environment, and I finally can say that for the first time in 9 years, I trust my body again … and It feels amazing!

Funny what you find out about yourself … always learning! 🙂