Ashley M

Me, Myself, and MS

Hey there!  Thanks for poppin’ over to check out the goods. I encourage open and respectful communication in hopes of forming a comfort zone for my fellow MS warriors.

Who’s the ME and Myself behind the Me, Myself and My MS?  Look no further!!.  I’m a 32 year old newly diagnosed rookie MS warrior.. drafted in 2016.  Not my first choice but could be worse right.. like playing for Jays?!  JK!  I have a big cuddle monster of a dog, Zeppelin who helps me far more than he realizes.  I’m a huge fan of food and anything that involves eating it lol, anything summer related; fishing, boating and jet skiing.

Once, 2 years ago, I got my 80cc dirt bike into second gear!  Totally worth mentioning…I thought.  Anyway, here you will learn ways to utilize food as medicine and I will share tips and tricks I learn from my health care providers. Expect to be educated and to read about the good, bad and ugly because, well, that’s life! I will periodically offer some corny comedic relief as well.  As serious as this is, we have to smile and laugh.

Talk soon, positive vibes!

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