Who We Are

Welcome to the community of someonelikeme.ca! We invite you to meet people just like you, this includes those with MS or facing the prospect of an MS diagnosis, and those who have a loved one with MS or are supporting an individual who is living with MS. This is a place:

  • where you can contribute to lively discussions and authentic conversations about the daily challenges that MS can present;
  • where you can get information to help yourself and help your friends.

Our goal is to be open and accessible, and to discuss issues and feelings freely, safely, and comfortably.

This is a place to get be yourself!

In this community you will find everyday heroes sharing their stories and coping tools to help you handle stress. There is also loads of resources at your fingertips.

Take a look around, and take the opportunity to tell us how you like what you see and how you are managing to deal with the MS that might be impacting you or someone you love. Sharing your experiences may inspire someone to change the course of their lives. And when you finish taking a look around, tell us what you think. We appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for joining us and come back again soon.