“Smiles” simply embodies who I try to be. “Bubbly” would also be appropriate, but then I would almost feel like a PowerPuff Girl.

I live in beautiful British Columbia. As cliche as it sounds, it’s truly beautiful – if you can embrace the rain. I finally finished my undergraduate degree and my next steps are unclear. Nothing is certain, but what fun is life if it is? I have learned to face the unexpected and unconventional quickly. My mother was diagnosed with MS not long after giving birth to me. With only one income and a parent that was adapting to a new body, I had a childhood that was not picturesque like the TV shows I watched growing up. But, as long as we keep smiling and loving life, nothing can stop my family!

Bad moods may spread, but a smile spreads even quicker. So just smile, darling. You’re worth every bit of happiness that the world is capable of providing.