My name is Mike, and I grew up in the Northern Ontario city of Thunder Bay. I left Thunder Bay at an early age to pursue my dream of getting a hockey scholarship to the US. I not only attained this goal, but also went on to play professional hockey. I have always enjoyed living an active lifestyle and gratefully still have been able to live an active lifestyle since my diagnosis.

As for my life with MS, it started in the fall of 2006 during my senior year of university. One day I went from being an NCAA division 1 athlete to barely being able to perform simple everyday life functions.  This was an incredibly scary time for me because my whole life I was so used to being active. Through hard work and determination, I was able to overcome this speed bump. I have used this type of attitude on my journey in life…Work hard and persevere, and good things will happen.

I hope to provide some inspiration on this website for others that are trying to create their own path in life while living with MS. Furthermore, I wish the best to all of you out there whose life has been affected from MS.

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