Firm Believer

“Firm Believer” – Which is exactly what I am. No matter what life continues to hand me, I firmly believe that everything will turn out alright in the end. I am a typical 19 year old Torontonian living her life on her daily agenda with an intake of too much green tea.  My life is filled with good vibes, good food and good music, for that I am thankful.

I was diagnosed with MS when I was fourteen years old in May 2008. My mom looks at my MS as a sort of a “blessing” because it had transformed me from a girl on the wrong track to a responsible young woman looking to inspire and be inspired.  I’m still trying to take it as a blessing, but it can be difficult (as we all know). However I continue to strive through life, and my MS has become a sort of a passenger along for the ride, which is fine with me as long as she doesn’t want to take too many pit stops on the way to our destination!

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