Gone On Vacation… And Bringing MS With Me

Written by on August 4th, 2015 – 2 Comments

AndreaI’m writing this on a plane, on my way home from visiting family. A lot of my relatives live on the east coast and it was a yearly trip when I was younger. This was the first time I’d been out for about 5 years and it was a great chance to see relatives and re-live childhood memories!

I’ve travelled a lot in the past 10 years or so, including teaching overseas, and travelling from there. I’m determined to not let MS stop me from experiencing the world. I’ve travelled even when I was out of remission at times, but for some reason it was a more difficult trip to pack for and plan this time.

Things have changed a bit, so when I packed to leave I had a suitcase almost full entirely of medical needs, including a large amount of food as MS related digestive issues are becoming very problematic, but can be managed by eating carefully. I also had quite a few “just in case” items like my cane. Complicating things further was that I drove with my parents one way and flew home, so that left me trying to plan and pack and re-pack for different requirements.

But the real point is that it was possible, although requiring a lot of planning, lists, re-packing and thinking through things I made it, I was there to see family, I waded in the ocean (even though the cold water hurt), I had some seafood and most of all was able to participate in a family vacation, and I lived to tell the tale!

I hope whatever you are doing this summer you are enjoying it! Happy Trails to all those travelling!

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  1. Tracey says:

    I find traveling can be a bit stressful for me as I too have food issues. Once I could manage that aspect of my life I could deal with the stress of travel much easier — before hand travel was more difficult (fatigue and headaches were a friendly bunch). What if you don’t mind sharing are your food issues? I’ve read the primary literature saying that digestive issues are part of the disease but my neuro disagrees. From my personal experience, it plays hugely into my disease and management. I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation!!

  2. Footsteps says:

    Hi Tracey! Thanks for your comment! I hope you can find solutions and do what you want, be it a vacation or whatever! It took a lot of planning, but that’s what bringing food and supplies etc. allowed me to do! I know all about fatigue and headaches as well! Luckily my headaches are now very well controlled.

    My digestive issues are fairly complicated. I’m still going through the process of seeing specialists and find effective treatments. After a bunch of tests my gastroenterologist finally told my neurologist that a large portion of my issues are MS related. MS can cause constipation, and for some this leads to other symptoms (bloating, pain etc.) That is moderately well managed now by diet, and I think that I had relapsed, so likely some of my issues just got better on their own. I also have gastritis and GERD. Certainly these make my MS digestive symptoms worse, and are made worse by the MS symptoms. I’m still working through how to treat this most effectively. So that’s my long way of saying that for me it’s a bit of MS and other things. I do know that MS can cause some digestive issues, I also know a number of people with MS that seem to have digestive issues similar to mine, but that is just an observation. Hope this helps you. At least know you aren’t alone!