Pounding the Pavement…Again

Written by on June 16th, 2015 –

andreaBy the time you read this I will have completed my first 5Km run in years.  Actually the picture I included was from my last 5Km and that was in 2011.  I trained briefly about a year later but of course had to stop due to relapses.

So my relationship with running has been on again off again since my teenage years, of course relating to relapses.  As a young teenager I did quite a bit of long distance running and then was told I would have to stop due to a relapse.  Of course I don’t listen very well, so I waited until I recovered from the relapse, and started running again.  I’ve done this more times then I can count and each time it gets a bit harder.

This time I decided to run in a fun run, in support of our local Children’s Hospital.  I have a friend with preemies in the hospital so this seems like a great way to support her and get back to something I really love!

I have no illusion of being able to run the full 5Km.  I’ve been training for about a month, and originally had thought I would do 4 in 1 intervals but have been doing quite well and am up to 6 in 1 intervals.  It’s really not about being the best or winning any more, as it was when I was younger.  Instead this is about taking control and doing what I love, supporting a good cause and just a little bit of doing this in spite of the doctors saying I can’t!  Besides, the more I’ve been exercising the past year or so the better I feel, and although I’ve had 3 relapses this year they are getting shorter so it’s all good!

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