How will you END MS?

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Dear someonelikeme community,

I was lucky enough to volunteer for a commercial that is connected to a very important campaign. After research and some reflection I decided to write a blurb that I hope you will share with your social media support networks. I am really inspired by the work the MS Society is doing and I feel like as young MSers it is important to help spread awareness. I hope you feel the same. Please share this post if you have the time. I thank you in advance.

If you saw a movie over the long weekend or happen to still have cable you may have seen this commercial…

Now let me tell you why this ad means more to me than turning 25 this weekend. I have now lived for 25 short years and in that time I have experienced 8 long years of life with MS and NEVER BEFORE have I seen a commercial for MS – at least not like this.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.29.21 AMIn 2009, the National MS Society described the history of MS as “a detective story spanning more than a century” and can trace what we know as MS in autopsies that date as far back as 1838. For us Canucks in 2015 we know provinces have reported various incidence rates, which are the number of new cases of MS per capita in a given year. These rates rival some of the highest incidence rates seen around the world, and researchers are trying to determine if the high number of diagnoses are due to a factor that is unique to Canada or if it’s a reflection of changes to our diagnostic technology. The two things to take away from this are:

a) MS has been around and has been a mystery for awhile

b) For as much as they know about the disease there is still so much more they need to discover

But there is some good news. In the last 15, 10, even 5 years, the conversation around MS has grown and grown and grown– and not just because more and more Canadians have become personally affected, but because awareness has spread, corporations have taken an interest in the cause and just last November I got the chance to speak at Queen’s Park – prompting me to think maybe it’s getting difficult for even the government to ignore us.

This ad is a HUGE opportunity. Ways to participate include MS Society events (like MuckMS, MS Walk or MS Bike) or simply donating. I can tell you that as someone who has had to live on the Ontario Disability Support Program for at least a few years, I have felt the sting of financial troubles. Not everyone is willing or able to donate their money to a cause or is physically able to participate in a walk or a bike a thon – but you can give your time. You can hit share on this blog or share the website. You can also just talk about MS. I believe if we make enough noise someone will donate. And this is a cause that would not waste your money.Capture4

So…will you FLEE or will you FIGHT?

To find out how to get involved visit

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  1. Maritime SunStar says:

    Dear Amanda,

    Thank you for posting this. I am a newly diagnosed almost coming up to the year marker and have only been on this site a few times…
    I was always sort of drawn to the ‘Fight or Flight’ survival motto and think that it’s a powerful message for this many and the many of us trying to fight this thing.

    I didn’t hear any audio to the ad, was there supposed to be?

    I was wondering if there is any way to instant message chat on this ‘someonelikeme’ site?

    I’m a chick from The Atlantic Coast over in the Maritimes.

    Hope you are well. Try to hang in there.

    I will have to check out the link thanks

    Maritime SunStar

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Maritime SunStar!

    Thank you for commenting! I am glad you liked this post. We don’t have an instant chat but we do have a forum that gets updated semi-frequently, have you tried it? Just click the “forums” tab to get started.

    The video should have had audio, if you visit this link you should also be able to view it right from youtube

    Good for you for putting yourself out there on this website and showing some love. I have a really hard time blogging because most of my thoughts don’t make sense to me on paper and while I am confident speaking I am very afraid/embarrassed by my writing. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you read this and got something out of it. There are a lot of great bloggers on this site – some who connect through their own blogging sites which are fun to visit – and our hope is that the combination of all of us is a perfect recipe for some much needed TLC. MS SUCKS to put it lightly, but you already know that. What is awesome is that we can come together and vent/build each other up/ share ideas on this website, and I encourage you to keep commenting and sharing your thoughts.

    Sending you positive vibes from “the big smoke”!