Stop telling me to get the flu shot…Or not to get it!!!…back off!

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flu shotThis is NOT meant to start a debate, as this is merely how I feel after doing all the research I have done … I have made choices FOR ME … for no one else.

I often find that the best doctors or health practitioners are those who don’t know a thing … there are many decisions I make in my life that are the best for me. I’m not saying you have to agree with ANY decision I make or write about, and that’s OK! But I don’t appreciate feeling attacked for my own opinion.

My husband and I have made the decision to NOT get the flu shot, I’m sure some of you support that and some of you don’t – that’s ok! But do I feel the need to verbally attack people who choose the flu shot? NO! So why is it ok to verbally attack me because I chose to not get the flu shot.

When I tell people I don’t, I get the worst looks possible followed by these statements:

“What did your neuro say? You have MS” (thanks, I didn’t realize that)
“You’re spreading the flu – go home” (thanks, I’m not sick)
“You’re putting us all in danger” (again, I’m not sick)
“Have you thought this through?” (no, I just decided on a limb – thanks)
“Have you read your articles?” (yes, have you? I also read a People magazine today, thanks for asking)

I 100% feel that each person is the best advocate to their own health … so why am I constantly feeling attacked by others? If you don’t like my decision – stay away from me ?!

My personal favorite comment I get:

“I feel that if you don’t get the flu vaccine you should have to register to help others safety.” (is this what society has come to? You want to put me on a corner and give people the opportunity to throw stuff at me b/c I chose to not get a flu shot? … wow)

The purpose of writing this article is NOT to offend anyone or to sway anyone’s mind – but to solely make people aware that we all make our decisions … so go make your own … I’ll make mine.

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  1. paul says:

    excellent.. Thank you.. I am very similar to you and I am NOT part of the anti vaccination crew nor am I a vega or Dr Mercola Quack follower. but I sure am starting to worry about how people ‘in the know’ insult and discourage you if you dare decide not to agree. Lets make soda illegal, lets make meat illegal, lets force this and that on people and while we are at it lets crucify anyone who smokes tobacco..

    oh but hey.. weed should be legal.. : ) ok i hate to throw that last comment in because there is irony there.. Americans love to push agendas on each other and it sure gets old after a while.