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1509906_684132398276302_843275970_nFor the second year, I’ve decided to participate in the #OneWord365 Challenge instead of making a New Year’s Resolution. This word is going to be used to guide my actions in the year, and allow me to have somewhat of a focus on what I do in my life. 2015’s word is “Explore”.

This blogpost is going to be focusing on how I’m going to be exploring different approaches to health. I’ve written before about my struggle with health, weight and physical activity.

The reason I’m heading in to 2015  with a health focus is that I ended 2015 with a bit of a health scare. After two years of being on one treatment for my MS, my neurologist suggested I switch to a different one, because although I was clinically okay, the little bugger known as MS decided to keep developing inside my body. So this new treatment was supposed to help with that.

Now after a couple weeks on the new treatment, where it proved to be basically perfect – no side effects for me, it was a pill and not a needle and provided no stress when it came to insurance payments – I learned that it was actually lowering my white blood cell count to less than desirable levels. So I was told to stop taking it for a bit.

This was a shock. It made me realize that sometimes things are too good to be true. And so I spent the better part of December without any treatments, and that worried me because it was exam time which mean stress. So I really wanted to take care of my health. Also, sidenote, while I’ve been pretty on top of my game when it comes to academics and work, my whole healthy lifestyle thing suffered, and I may have reverted back to unhealthy eating habits.

SO. After realizing that I’ve let my health slip to the side, and after a bit of a fright, I decided I wanted to explore ways of being healthy.

So one, I’m going to eat healthier. Like actually though. I plan on NOT buying chips or cookies or pop, so that way I don’t even have the temptation. Also, making sure I budget time for food prep so I can’t use the “had no time, so bought greasy burger for lunch” excuse.

I’m also get back into a workout schedule. Over Christmas, my sister bought me a FitBit so I can better keep track of my activity – by seeing stats of my activity, I’m hoping I’ll be more motivated to improve those stats.

And finally, in the spirit of exploration, I want to start exploring different ways of being healthy. So new ways of exercise (maybe I’ll actually start yoga this year), and new ways of eating healthy – so that includes exploring vegetarian meals, and perhaps adopting a vegetarian lifestyle for a bit. (Yes, I know vegetarian doesn’t automatically mean healthier, but it can be a new way of looking at healthy eating.)

That’s what I’ll be exploring this year. I’ll also be exploring how to live better which you can read about on my personal blog, and exploring professionalism and leadership which I’ll write about at The Student Leader Collective.

Do you have any resolutions? Or have you chosen #OneWord365? Let me know in the comments below!

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