My favorite SEASON IS HERE! What’s yours??

Written by on October 7th, 2014 – 7 Comments

DSC01602This topic is as simple as it suggests, what’s your favorite season? When does your body feel the best?

I LOVE FALL !!! Yes I love summer, but unless I’m laying by a pool with quick access to cool my body off – I prefer a temperature where my body doesn’t over heat.

Things to think about:

Summer – heat ? flare up? Some feel better in the heat. After my last attack, I went to Mexico and felt amazing down there!

Winter – stiffness? Joints ache? Circulation is poor? Depression? Cabin fever?

Fall – air pressure changes, do you get headaches? I sure do!

Spring – allergy time? Most of my flare ups have happened in April/May, odd?

What’s YOUR favorite season?

7 Responses

  1. danben says:

    Congrats again with your baby Spicy. I too prefer the fall, I do so much better in cooler temps. I can certainly notice some of my muscular functions and reaction times are definitely quicker for the most part.I guess I am like everyone else in winter, harder to function in the extreme cold, then when I am inside with the heater makes it not easy as well, can feel like summer with even the slightest heat. Finding the right mix of being comfortable even when I am still not comfortable having MS all these years.I am truly sick of it, FUMS is right lol

    • spicy says:

      you hit the nail on the head …. find the mix of being comfortable!! if you find an answer let me know 😉

  2. Mike says:

    Lacey that is a beautiful kid you have….I prefer summer, if I didn’t have to see another snowflake in my life, it would not upset me. Hope all is well.

    • spicy says:

      thanks Mike! she’s our angel that’s for sure – SUCH a good baby. Lots of my friends like to say “what did you do to deserve a good baby” (silly comment i know) … my husband likes to say “she’s had her fair share of shit … we were graced with a sleeping baby” ha, it’s of course a joke!!! 🙂

      The heat doesn’t bug you at all ?

      • Mike says:

        The heat doesn’t bother me at all…..I feel like I am 15 again when it is nice out while winter destroys my health–I think it is all the aches from all the years of hockey….but who really knows it all could be my mindset as well.

  3. Erin says:

    Hi Spicy!

    I’m writing an article for Today’s Parents about health benefits of pregnancy and was wondering if you’d be interested in being in the story? You can message me directly Thanks!

    • spicy says:

      Hi Erin,

      that’s so sweet of you!! I would LOVE to be included in the article !!! I will also send you an email !