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rootsI recently replaced my Medic Alert bracelet. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what that is, it’s a bracelet with a medallion engraved with my emergency medical information on it. It has a serial number that is unique to me on it as well as a toll free number that can be called by medical personnel (Paramedics, ER Doctors, etc.) 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. It gives them instant access to important information, if I am unable to communicate it for myself.

In addition to wearing the bracelet, I also carry with me a medical information wallet card that comes with the bracelet. It details my emergency contact information-how to reach my husband or best friend, my family doctor and my NMO specialist. It also has a complete listing of all my drug allergies (the list is insanely long!) and food allergies, notes that I am taking immuno suppressants and other medications and that I have a titanium rod and screws in my right arm.

I got myself a Medic Alert bracelet 23 years ago when I first started developing serious allergic reactions to common prescriptions like penicillin and sulfa drugs. When I was initially mis-diagnosed with MS, I replaced my bracelet so I could update my information to include my diagnosis. Since I was re-diagnosed with NMO a year and a half ago, I realized I needed to update my bracelet again. Medic Alert is for anyone who has a serious health concern, including diseases, disabilities, drug/food/environmental allergies, is taking medication, has an implant or a transplant or  doesn’t want to have CPR performed.

In the past, I have had a simple stainless steel bracelet, but this time around, I decided to order a watch band style.  (In my favourite colour, red!) It’s so much easier for me to take off for the odd times when I either want or need to. It’s also pretty stylish. I like wearing a Medic Alert bracelet-it allows me the security of knowing that if anything ever happened to me, emergency responders would be able to have instant access to important information that could save my life.

To learn more about Medic Alert, please visit:

*Please Note: You may have seen what looks like similar medical bracelets in Pharmacies. These are engraved with a specific condition (eg: Diabetes) but are NOT the same thing. These bracelets are not registered anywhere and there is no number paramedics can call to access your medical information. They are essentially a generic version and do not afford you the same protection as Medic Alert.


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  1. Dawn Jaques says:

    Very interested how do I get one!

  2. Lelainia says:

    Follow the link at the end of the post!