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Grad PicWhat a year. As my master of business administration (MBA) degree comes to an end, I thought about all the changes that happened in my life, both positive and negative. I really didn’t know what to expect at the start of the program because I was going through my second major attack that I had with MS. All I wanted for was the relapse to go away so I wasn’t in pain anymore because I had other things to concentrate on. Like any new social setting, I was meeting new people and trying to get a feel of the group who I would have the most in common. With every new social setting that I have had before, I seem to gravitate towards those that played sports…an easy way for me to make friends. There were many ups and downs at the beginning as dealing with many type-A personalities can get interesting to say the least.

As the year moved on, I started to become more comfortable and started to make a good group of friends. More importantly, I was learning a lot about people and my interests for after school. At the end of November, while most people were freezing in Canada, I had the fortunate opportunity to visit South America.

This was a trip of a lifetime, and I will write more about it in my next post. However, visiting this area of the world did open up my eyes. Then there was the MBA hockey tournament, which our school was victorious. Just to prove to everyone in my program that I wasn’t lying about playing hockey before, I won MVP of the tournament. As the program drew to a close, I did notice a lot of changes in myself. The obvious one was I had a little less hair. In all seriousness, with all the talented individuals that I was around, I was competing right there against them, standing side by side….I was holding my own. I was nervous at the beginning of the program because I wonder how much my MS would be a factor. At some times, the MS got the better of me. In the end, even with a factor such as MS, which I would never use as an excuse, I was able to compete on hard work and the ability to believe in myself.

I’ll find out soon where I will be, hopefully somewhere warm after last winter. There were a couple important things that I learned from this year. One was definitely to work hard and believe in yourself. You would be surprised what a little effort does…push yourself. How do you know how far you can go without pushing yourself. Like I have mentioned before in my blogs, always believe in yourself, but most importantly surround yourself with people that believe in you and who are inspired by everything that you have overcome. Don’t waste your time trying to appease other people, life is too short to waste your time and energy.


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  1. IMALA says:

    I can relate to your post. I began my Masters in July 2011 and was diagnosed with MS in November 2011. I knew the time commitment I was making prior to being diagnosed but wad determined to not let MS dictate my life. So long story short, I graduated with a 4.0 in March 2013 with a Masters in Specia Education. I went to the convocation along side my husband, our 8 year old, our 3 year old, my mom, my brother, & my 16 year old nephew. Realizing their support helped me get to where I was at that moment forced me to recognize the value in seeking support. I remember staying up until 2 am most nights to complete assignments and hearing a voice say “mom your brain will explode if you don’t sleep soon”, & me finally agreeing to make an effort to be in bed before 1…;-) I guess a little compromise is a good thing. In the future, I hope to travel the world, be the best mom for my kids, be my husband’s girlfriend, & be a positive role model for the kids I teach. Everyday is an opportunity to make a difference. For me, as long as the difference is positive, I am happy.