What’s helped me through my pregnancy … if you’re thinking about getting pregnant! A few tips … take em or leave em.

Written by on March 18th, 2014 – 2 Comments

Almost done my pregnancy and to my surprise, I was faced with something I didn’t think would be an issue; procedures done in the delivery room.

About a week ago, my OB referred me to see an anesthesiologist here in Saskatoon. I thought this was regular protocol, after discussing with other pregnant women – this is not protocol.  However, I was happy to meet him.

I have thought long and hard about what I always felt was missing from Family Conferences or Blogs, etc. – it was someone who had MS prior to pregnancy. I wanted to know if pregnancy was an option, what my drug options were, my rate of relapse, EVERYTHING! I had no one to ask … so I reach out to anyone thinking about getting pregnant, feel free to message me … I wish I would have had someone who understood my questions and concerns.

Please keep in mind everyone has a different pregnancy, these 7 tips just helped me …

Tip #1: Meet with your OB and don’t hide your health history … they WANT to help you!

Tip #2: Hire a doula or midwife. One of the best decisions we ever made, she was there for me from Day 1 up until 3 weeks after the birth of my baby. I’m not saying “have a home birth” that’s your own decision – my doula was with me in the hospital. She provided both emotional support leading up to the event, throughout the event, and post partum support.  My husband was worried about what the stress of delivery would do to my body, having an extra person who had been there before helped both of us through this!

Tip #3: Request to meet with your anesthesiologist. There ARE some doctors who don’t feel giving an MS patient an epidural is a smart option, others are ok with it.  I suggest meeting with one prior to find out what their thoughts are so you can be prepared going into it.

Tip #4: Stay active. I did yoga throughout my whole pregnancy and it helped me stay calm and stay a bit more mobile

Tip #5: Use your health care services.  Whether it be massages, acupuncture, chiropractic care – you pay for it, so use it! Your body may need these things normally, but the weight of carrying around a baby (and everything internal that goes with it) is hard on your body … not something I was expecting.

Tip #6: Pre-plan your meals and be organized.  The more you can keep your stress down the better!

Tip #7: Ask for help after your baby arrives!

2 Responses

  1. F.U.MS says:

    Great blog Spicy!

    Congrats on your new addition. Being pregnant and having MS must come with a ton of questions and worries. Great that you gave some insight to people who might be going through the same things.


  2. aprilhuber says:

    Hey would love to talk to you about everything. Really want to have a baby but afraid of everything. I have no one my age I can find to talk to.