Wow what a 9 months it has been!

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Unfortunately like most pregnant women, time flies!! I thought I would have more time than I actually did to do nothing but blog – this obviously wasn’t the case.

Of course I realize that every pregnant woman has their struggles, and every MS patient has their personal struggles with being pregnant (or not pregnant for that matter).  Here is what I discovered:

  • Never did I imagine that pregnancy & MS attacks would present themselves the same way!
  • The fatigue you feel when you have MS is doubled when you start growing a human in your body!
  • The great thing; when your legs go numb – it MAY be MS, it may be pregnancy … either way, it doesn’t much matter … you just deal with it
  • There are times when the diet you worked so hard to help your MS goes out the window and your cravings win, guilt-free!
  • Your illness MAY go into remission, it may not … you deal with it either way, just like before …
  • Your illness may NOT go into remission, there are options – don’t panic.

I can say this; I have been pregnant for almost 9 months now (baby is set to arrive any day now), and I have been fortunate.  Yes I have been beyond tired, but my MS has stayed in remission the whole time.

It’s amazing how I spent so many years NEVER trusting my body anymore b/c I always felt it failed me … I felt my immune system turned it’s back on me, and now that I’m raising a child inside me and getting ready for one of the hardest most strenuous things I’ve ever done (give birth), I’m happy to say I trust my body.  My body went into remission and allowed me to give this baby a healthy environment, and I finally can say that for the first time in 9 years, I trust my body again … and It feels amazing!

Funny what you find out about yourself … always learning! 🙂



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  1. TheFloweryOne says:

    First off, CONGRATS on the little one, do we have any names picked out!!?? Boy? Girl? So exciting!

    It’s amazing to me how pregnancy affects MS (or vice versa), I’ve read many blogs/articles that share similar stories. Its pretty incredible how the body protects the little one with a ‘healthy environment’ (love that). Have you had a chance to speak with your neuro about how things will be after the baby is born?