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The Little Reminders

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I am very open about having multiple sclerosis and about living with a personal disability. During the campus tours I do through my job, I openly talk about being registered as a student with disability through my school’s disability office. When travelling, I have no qualms with talking about the set of needles I have to take with me.

But I’ve been pretty lucky.

Yeah, I’ve had some big relapses—vertigo, loss of appetite, nausea, numbness, weakened vision… the whole nine yards—but for the year and a half since I’ve been diagnosed, there’s only been two weeks where I’ve really had to face my multiple sclerosis head on. The majority of time, I’m a perfectly able person with disability.

There have been some carryovers from my relapses: my balance is a little off, and I notice more of a stutter especially as I get more tired. But besides that, nothing.

I have daily shots I have to take, which can cause a big struggle. The days when I have no symptoms, those shots serve as a reminder that I am living with this. Which is really hard. It’s a reminder of all the uncertainties I live with.

What if today is the day I have another relapse? What if in between my meetings that day, I lose my sense of balance? What if halfway through class, my hand goes numb and I can’t write any notes?

A couple weeks ago, I gave myself my morning shot, and for the first time since I started taking this medication—about a year now—I experienced shortness of breath and anxiety. I’ve read that these are common side effects, but for me, the medicine hasn’t caused any side effects for me besides soreness at the injection shots.



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I am a January baby. I was born in 1986 during a cold winter in Canada. Seriously, is there any other kind?! My mama’s due date was in December but I decided that didn’t work for me. Clearly I was a procrastinator even in the womb. It’s been 27 years and nothing has changed. I get things done, but usually at the last minute. I start my Christmas shopping months in advance in the hopes that I have everything completed by the time it arrives. Inevitably, there are still the last minutes shopping runs on Christmas Eve. I am just fine with my procrastinator label, most of the time. The one place I don’t think I am a procrastinator is when it comes to my MS. (more…)

From Tears to Love

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I wrote this article a few months ago but hesitated in publishing it. I think I hesitated because if I published it that meant everything I had said was a reality. It is a reality. It is my reality. It is my story and my MS journey. Each day holds something different. It’s not easy and that’s okay. I have invited this community into my MS journey and I need to honour that connection by being honest about where I am at. So without further adieu here is another chapter in my story.

Tuesday of last week started out as a day with such promise. Sure, this crusader had to get up at an hour she would rather not see but it was a bright and sunny day! How could a beautiful day not be an occasion worth smiling or enjoying? However, by late morning those smiles would be replaced with a few tears and a lot of frustration. Still more surprising would be the end of the week. It would bring more love and support than a crusader ever could have imagined. (more…)