Ooops I forgot … again!

Written by on October 29th, 2013 – 6 Comments

So last week I was asked to stay late at work, no problem, I said.  4:50 rolled around and only then did I remember that I was supposed to meet a friend for dinner at 5pm. .. ugggh!  This is the 2nd time in a month that I’ve done this! 

One symptom of MS that never seems to leave me is the cognitive problems, difficulties with attention/ distractions and particularly memory concerns.  At times it is embarrassing, especially when I can’t remember a name of someone I’ve met several times, or forget a dinner date!  At other times it’s really frustrating and difficult. 

I know that many others also experience the same thing.  Over the years I’ve learned to make lists, use a calendar and try mnemonic devices.  The best strategy I’ve found is to use a smart phone.  I finally caved and bought a smart phone this summer.  I got it strictly for other reasons and never thought it would help manage my life and be such a great memory tool, but it is.  I love that it has everything I need, notes, calendar, and multiple alarms for reminders in one small package.  It definitely is nice not carrying an agenda around everywhere.  Now the trick is to check the calendar before making additional commitments so I don’t double book myself!

If any of you have any other creative memory tricks maybe you could leave a comment here!  I know I could use them, and I’m sure others could too!

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  1. Lelainia says:

    I don’t know that my cognitive skills are impaired, but I am crazy busy and I live in mortal fear of forgetting something. I do two things: 1. I put everything on the calendar in my iPhone and 2. I write it on the big calendar that is on my fridge. That way I can always check my phone before booking something and my husband can check the fridge calendar to see what I’m up to. I find it’s especially important now because he’s been ill in the last year and has almost as many doctor’s appointments as I do. I like to make sure I am available to go to his, so it’s really helpful to have everything recorded. In our house, if it’s not written down, it doesn’t happen!

  2. Josée says:

    I got my dx last september …before my memory was very good and I did’n need a calendar or anything else to remember things….now I forget everything!!!! so I have a calendar on the fridge and a planner in my bag…. it’s not easy to admit I will never be the same again.

  3. alice1981 says:

    My memory has been the worst in the past year since I’ve been diagnosed.. I thought no way it can’t be from MS but now I guess it sure is.. I used to have a really, really good memory. Now I have to write everything down, I use my arm a lot or hard as I tend to loose paper lol .. Also I too have a really big calendar on my fridge to write everything down.. But thanks for the smart phone tip I will be using that for sure..

  4. Michael says:

    I simply forget things so fast,it disturbs me a lot……any help?

  5. kirstimarie says:

    My smart phone saves me! Especially with MS, when I’m make neurologists appointments 6 months in advance, having a smart phone to alert me a week ahead is a life saver.

  6. Footsteps says:

    I find I forget names a lot, which is really hard as I am a teacher. At the beginning of each year I take photos of the students and set them as a slideshow on the computer to help me practice. I also find that mnemonics really help me if I do need to remember anything, but most of all I have just learned to survive. I know that if it isn’t written down it won’t get done. I have lists for everything, and live off my calendar on my phone. If it isn’t written on there I will miss it! LOL! Hope this helps Michael!