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Hi there! My name is Juan, and this is my first post, so I should probably introduce myself. I’m very excited to be part of this initiative as it has served as great aid and help to me since I’ve been diagnosed. You see, I was diagnosed with MS in July 2012, so it hasn’t even been a year since I’ve known that I’m living with MS. The time that I’ve seen my neurologist, shorter, and the amount of time that I have been going through treatment for it, even shorter. I’m relatively new to this community, and so, as part of the Internet Generation, I was instantly drawn to the blogosphere that revolves around MS. The (et has served to bring comfort and put my mind at ease knowing that I wasn’t the only young person with MS.

I’m currently a student at Glendon Campus, York University, having just finished my second year of doing a double major in French Studies and Drama Studies. Besides being a full-time student, I just started my term as Glendon Director on the York Federation of Students, I’m very involved in the queer-ally group on campus having just finished my term as coordinator, I’m very active in Residence life (I’m going to be a residence Don starting in September) and I work part time at the Student Recruitment office. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

As you can tell, I’m SUPER involved in student life and that’s due to me being a super-extrovert. One thing I’m sure you’ll learn quickly, whether you know me in person or by reading my blog, is that I hate being alone. I get all my energy from being around other people. If I’m left to my own devices for more than an hour, I usually fall asleep (unless I’m in the middle of a Glee marathon).

When I’m not out with friends, you can usually find me on some sort of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Tumblr… trying to figure out Vine.), cooking, napping, or reading. I love reading, but I wouldn’t peg myself as a bookworm. I’ve been reading a lot lately because it’s summer time and I have nothing else really to do (oooh! I’m also on Goodreads.)

I love musicals, Glee, any superhero movie (yes, even Daredevil). I like playing Sims 3, and Words with Friends. I speak English, Spanish, French and I started teaching myself a little bit of American Sign Language last year. (I’ll be blogging in French at soon too!)

The reason I chose the username Lioncoeur, is because it is a frenglish form of the the term Lionheart. Not only is that Glendon’s mascot, but also the idea of having the heart of a lion, I feel has been very important in my life. Having that courage and pride is important to get through any and all obstacles in your life. Also, The Lion King is one of my favourite movies.

I’ll be blogging about my experience as someone who has a recent diagnosis, as a busy university student trying to balance everything all at once without getting too stressed, and hopefully telling a narrative that you will connect with.

I’m ready for this new adventure! Hopefully you’ll come along with me!

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8 Responses

  1. Delia says:

    Great introduction post, Juan! Looking forward to more of what you have to stay. Stay strong and continue to be a bright example of what it means to have the heart of Lion. Love you!

    • Lioncoeur says:

      Thanks for all the support you’ve given me ! Definitely part of of my lion-heart mentality.

  2. Loribelle says:

    Welcome to group Juan! I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

  3. Sherry says:

    Welcome to a very unique group, it is helpful to know others are living a similarly challenging life! Keep up the amazing attitude! I’m sure we’ll cross paths at Glendon when I’m visiting another Don! Enjoy your suite!

    • Lioncoeur says:

      Thanks Sherry! You’ve been an incredible support for me, and I look forward to when I get to see you next ! 😀

  4. Sheny Salazar says:

    Juan: Me sentido conmovida hasta las lagrimas por este post! estoy tan orgullosa de ti… I know your life will bless many lives. I love you and always pray for you. You are my new hero!

    • Lioncoeur says:

      Gracias Tia! 🙂

      It’s with the support that you and the rest of my family have given me that gives me strength 🙂