My new Cure for attacks – MEXICO!!!!

Written by on May 7th, 2013 – 3 Comments

I had always heard “I feel so much better in the heat” from other MS patients, but never me – I hated the heat. My involvement with outside sports decreased, time spent laying in the sun vanished, my love of bathing suits increased, even walking outside in the heat was a challenge …. Until Mexico came.

After 9 weeks of sick leave, my husband and I chose to take that opportunity to go on our honeymoon (we got married in August). I was excited, but more so scared and nervous. I remember flipping through magazines and seeing all the comments:

“ the sand is so white and fluffy”

“ lots of walking paths”

“plenty of time for beach volleyball”

“ the weather is beautiful in the Mayan, so hot”


I was determined I wasn’t leaving for Mexico  with a cane, the thought of walking along the beach and sinking in the sand each time terrified me.  While J was excited to run around in board shorts and soak up the sun, I was dreading being a sweaty mess and having everyone stare at me in anticipation of when I would trip or fall backwards (I’m sure no one WAS staring at me, but in my mind …everyone was). 

However, all the worries were put aside a week before we left. My determination paid off and I was cane free and ready to fly!!

Not a word of a lie, after being on the beach for 6-8 hours (Mexico has no REAL time down there), I felt amazing. The feeling in my feet was back, my headaches were gone, my hands felt amazing, I could feel my back & stomach again,  I HAD COLOR, and slowly over the week …the feeling in my face came back enough for me to actually put make-up on (and not resemble a clown). 

You guessed it …. We are already researching places to go next year. 

Now I’m not saying everyone should go to Mexico and their MS symptoms will go away, but it worked for me … SO if you do go to Mexico, take me with you!


3 Responses

  1. danben says:

    That is great Spicy you excelled in Mexico-provided a warm sandy escape and a new outlook on your MS with significant improvements and recapturing a zest for life. Heat is my enemy unfortunately and so far in May with a taste of summer things aren’t going too good, at least I’m using 2 fans so not all hope is lost, gotta stay positive and dream of Mexico instead:)

  2. Mike says:


    I am happy for you, and I am glad that the heat has done wonders for you. I have responded positvely from the heat, and have always loved being in the heat. I am finally out of Winnipeg; the winters were just too much for me….the cold was just beating down my body.


  3. Marguerite says:

    Thanks for posting! I had a similar experience on a recent trip to Cuba. I felt like I could do anything after sitting in the sun near the ocean each morning. I cannot handle hot showers but the beach time was a totally different story. Great to know someone else had a positive experience in the heat 🙂