Mommy, my hero

Written by on May 13th, 2013 –

This is about a woman who I live for. The one person that keeps me grounded. She is the one that reminds me to be the best that I can be.

She has a story that is not unique. Being the youngest and born a girl, culture was not kind to her. But gender issues aside, she pushed forward to be the best daughter she can be for her parents, for all her older siblings.

She moved to Canada knowing no one. Worked two jobs to bring her family over—with no expectations. And although they, along with their offsprings, do not give a care in the world for her, she does not hold any grudges.

She can out kind anyone. Her heart is made of gold.

She taught me family values. She taught me to be strong. But most of all, she taught me to love. There’s beauty in everything and everyone, it just has to be discovered and brought to the surface.

She is my hero, my role model, my best friend.

I call her Mommy, but you can call her Aunty.

Happy Mother’s Day, mommy.


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