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It’s been awhile since I’ve written for the blog. This post is about my daughter playing hockey.

We live in a small community in south western Ontario and hockey is a big deal here. Most of the kids who play hockey in this town start when they are three or four. Not only do they start young, but many of them skate all year. They play the season and then participate in power skating and other skill building activities in the off months.

My daughter E decided this year at the ripe old age of eight that she’d like to play hockey. E could skate on figure skates, but hadn’t skated on hockey skates. She had no stick handling skills. We got her equipment and took her out for a few family skates all suited up. She got used to skating on hockey skates pretty quickly, but couldn’t stop. So began her hockey career.

She slipped and she slid. She fell on her front. She fell on her back. She crashed into boards feet first, sideways and headfirst. During games she took down players on both teams. I cringed inwardly. I can say with certainty that if I were her, I would have given up. To be so out of my element and so outmatched skill wise would have been too discouraging.

But E is made of tougher stuff. Every time she fell, she got up and kept going. She brushed the snow off her shirt and socks and kept going. She went to early morning practices. She played street hockey with our neighbours. Eventually she got the hang of it. She learned to stop. She scored some goals.

If this was a Hollywood movie, she would have risen to the top as the underdog and carried her team on to win the league championship. But it was not a movie. Her team did indeed go to the provincial championships in Ottawa, but was eliminated in the quarter finals. However, E became a pretty good player over the course of the season. She even won “most improved” for her team.

 I am so proud of E for sticking with hockey and I admire her for her determination and her never-give-up attitude. Life lessons learned from my daughter.

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