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World MS Day – May 29, 2013

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For World MS Day, the MS Society’s Youth Advisory Group wanted to profile a young person with MS!

Meet Amanda Piron

Age: 22           

Home City: Aurora, Ontario

Years with MS: 6 years

Amanda is currently finishing her bachelor degree at the University of Toronto in theatre and drama studies, with a minor in English and Canadian studies. In addition, Amanda will be attending teachers college in the fall.

First Symptoms of MS: Loss of balance, leg stiffness, and numbness in the feet.

Most difficult challenges with MS: Her profession requires long hours, and most performances are at night……she finds it difficult adjusting for needs in her career.

Future goals: Amanda wants to earn enough income to support her family with a career in the arts.

Most influential person: Mom.

Any advice for someone with MS: Be yourself. Do not compromise who you are, and fight for yourself.

Something unique about Amanda: Traveled across most of Canada in a day with A&W to support MS.

MS Summer Camp and volunteer peer support leader opportunity!

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The MS Society runs a free summer camp for kids living with MS ages 8-21. There are still spots available! The camp and travel are free for Canadian campers. We also have spots for campers outside Canada. Check it out at and watch the video! This year it’s in Alberta from Aug 17-24.

We’re also looking for a male Peer Support Leader for camp. This is an amazing volunteer opportunity for someone in their 20s or early 30s living with MS to be a role model and support for campers.

Contact for more information or for an application for either opportunity!


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It’s been awhile since I’ve written for the blog. This post is about my daughter playing hockey.

We live in a small community in south western Ontario and hockey is a big deal here. Most of the kids who play hockey in this town start when they are three or four. Not only do they start young, but many of them skate all year. They play the season and then participate in power skating and other skill building activities in the off months.

My daughter E decided this year at the ripe old age of eight that she’d like to play hockey. E could skate on figure skates, but hadn’t skated on hockey skates. She had no stick handling skills. We got her equipment and took her out for a few family skates all suited up. She got used to skating on hockey skates pretty quickly, but couldn’t stop. So began her hockey career. (more…)

Explaining M.S.

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At times I find it difficult to explain what MS is, its impact on my life, symptoms… Friends are always asking about how MS affects me, and are confused when I say things like “I’m having troubles seeing” as they reply “clearly you can see something, you aren’t blind”, other times its difficult to explain MS at all.  But perhaps the most difficult thing to explain, and for other people to understand is the constancy of MS; its impact on daily life, and how I have to be aware of it on a day to day basis.

I’ve developed a few metaphors that I sometimes use to explain MS to other people.  I think of life as a juggling act, with work, family, and friends all being separate balls. But I have MS so a couple extra balls are thrown in there.  The diagnosis of course is a ball, and any symptoms I’m currently experiencing I also have to juggle.  The idea is of course to keep them all up in the air at all times but at times there gets to be too many balls and they all come tumbling down. 

I sometimes think of relapses and remissions as a balancing act.  If rest, and exercise and every other factor are equal or less then the MS disease then I’m in remission, but if something either explainable or unexplainable gets out of balance then I’m out of remission.

But perhaps the best metaphor I have to explain life with MS is one that just dawned on me recently.  It is that of a labyrinth game.  You know the maze game that you twist two little handles and direct a marble through a series of twists and turns trying to avoid running straight into walls, or falling down holes. 


Travels with Team ‘Us’

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I love to travel – apparently no one else in my family does – but I’m determined that this year we’ll take a family vacation.  My oldest is 6 years old and we’ve yet to take a vacation as a family.

I remember, at the ripe ‘ole age of 11, my parents took us on a road trip to Florida; think 24 hr drive, a few kids, a hurricane, 2 days of sunshine, and Disney World.  We had a blast…. I’m not so sure my parents did though!

So off we go to Niagara Falls at the end of May.  We’re taking my mom with us cause who travels without their best friend?

Will it be easy?  No.  Will it get complicated?  Maybe.  We’re also traveling on a budget.  Yikes.  I’m still wondering how we’re going to fit a wheelchair, a double stroller, all our luggage, 3 kids (2 in car seats!), and 3 adults in our 7-seater van.  AHAHAHAHHAHA!

I’m laughing now cause lets face it, it won’t be funny on the road.  I can the taste the ‘are we there yets’ and the ‘I have to go pees’.  My dear, loving, thoughtful husband will tease the 6 year old – she’ll get angry at him, I’ll get angry at them.  The 2 year old might sleep a good way through and will keep us all on our toes.  The baby…. who the heck decides to go to Marineland with not only a mother in a wheelchair but a baby and a toddler in strollers?????


Mommy, my hero

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This is about a woman who I live for. The one person that keeps me grounded. She is the one that reminds me to be the best that I can be.


My new Cure for attacks – MEXICO!!!!

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I had always heard “I feel so much better in the heat” from other MS patients, but never me – I hated the heat. My involvement with outside sports decreased, time spent laying in the sun vanished, my love of bathing suits increased, even walking outside in the heat was a challenge …. Until Mexico came.

After 9 weeks of sick leave, my husband and I chose to take that opportunity to go on our honeymoon (we got married in August). I was excited, but more so scared and nervous. I remember flipping through magazines and seeing all the comments:

“ the sand is so white and fluffy”

“ lots of walking paths”

“plenty of time for beach volleyball”

“ the weather is beautiful in the Mayan, so hot”


I was determined I wasn’t leaving for Mexico  with a cane, the thought of walking along the beach and sinking in the sand each time terrified me.  While J was excited to run around in board shorts and soak up the sun, I was dreading being a sweaty mess and having everyone stare at me in anticipation of when I would trip or fall backwards (I’m sure no one WAS staring at me, but in my mind …everyone was).