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I had a nickname growing up. It was Grace, because I didn’t have any. I was uncoordinated from the get go and it only got worse. My MS certainly hasn’t helped things. I have yet to find a surface I can’t trip on. I am a master at tripping on flat surfaces. Stairs are definitely not my friend, and heels? Forget about them! I prefer when my two feet are firmly planted on the ground in flats, preferably in fashionable ones.

 My MS symptoms and flares have mostly targeted my legs. I have walked with a multitude of mobility aids when required and I have worked damn hard to walk without them. Even when I am not walking with mobility aids, I still have balance issues and need to be careful. If I am on stairs, I have to walk down them like a toddler would, one step at a time. I have to be vigilant that my foot hits the next step before bringing my other foot down.  I recently made an error when walking down steps and paid the price. I looked back to answer someone who had asked me a question. This momentary lapse of my vigilance caused me to tumble down the four remaining concrete stairs and platform. I earned myself an impressive 10 inch bruise on my shin and a blow to my pride. Weeks later I still have this bruise and now a large encapsulated hematoma. I did an awesome job of teaching those stairs a lesson to not mess with this crusader. I just wish I had a better story to tell why I have this war wound; tumbling down the stairs is not exactly the action this crusader wants to admit to.

 I don’t know about anyone else, but I am a person that needs to pick myself back up off the ground. I appreciate when someone offers to help me up, but it is something I feel I need to do on my own. Thankfully, most times my pride is the only thing wounded and I am usually able to get myself righted. I have learned over the years not to be so worried about falling and just accept that it happens. I have also learned that sometimes I just need to laugh about it. I am sure some of my falls have been hilarious to watch. It’s like I have my own blooper reel. Besides, isn’t laughter some of the best medicine? Until next time my friends, stay upright and avoid the blooper reel!

– Loribelle

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  1. I also like to perform random gravity checks. My hidden talent is falling UP stairs. (Which leads to severe knee trauma when I smash my knee into the back of the stair.) I also walk into door jams-my shoulders, arms & hands are always covered in bruises. I have no proprioception.

    • Loribelle says:

      I love the term ” Gravity Checks!” I will definitely be calling my slip ups Gravity checks in the future! Thanks Lelainia!

  2. danben says:

    Now this is a subject I know all too well, I have fallen countless times and I like Loribelle and Lelainia and hopefully others haven’t succumb to a serious injury yet just battle scars that can heal over time as with pride.Out of all the embarrassing falls it’s always the very last one we remember most and I never want to repeat the incident that happened a few months ago in the bathroom as I transferred from the wheelchair to grab on the counter to reach the toilet as I got there I suddenly fell backwards and as I was falling I grabbed onto the towel rack which ripped from the wall it spun me around and went head first into the bath bench a nasty cut on the bridge of my nose ensued and as usual my pride was shot and I too did everything in my power to get up myself which I did after 5 or so minutes then it was antibiotic ointment and band-aid time.Have to be extremely careful but the blooper reel never stops running and I’ll be caught again eventually, next time I just hope I can still laugh about it 😀

    • Loribelle says:

      Attitude is everything my friend! I am glad you have not sustained major injuries when appearing on the blooper reel. I am sure all of us that perform “gravity checks” have a multitude of war wounds! They are our battle scars and we should wear them with pride!

  3. Domesticated says:

    Ha! 🙂 Now, I’m not the one afflicted with MS but I can totally relate. in my 31 years on this earth I have tripped more over my own feet than anyone I know!

    I used to go from standing to flat on the ground walking through the halls in school, and just the other day fell flat on my face leaving a client’s place of business. I like that Lelainia called them ‘gravity checks’ – One must laugh and move one 🙂

    • Loribelle says:

      Don’t feel too bad about not having MS as an excuse for ‘gravity checks'(I love this term). My sister does not suffer from MS and is almost as uncoordinated as I am. I tease her and say I just learned to follow her lead. I don’t think the blooper reel is exclusive to those if us with MS!

  4. Carol says:

    I can surely relate to this blog and many responses. Only I have refuse to give up the high heels completely, which can make for some interesting strolls! I am also learning to do work on my condo so that if something happens, like losing my balance and careening into the wall, I can fix the big dents. Which happened at my previous house. It was hard to explain THAT dent to people. Going to be easier just to fix it.

  5. Loribelle says:

    Kudos to you,Carol, for not giving up heels! People who can wear heels amaze me. Probably because it is a skill I have never mastered! I am okay with it, I have some pretty interesting pairs of flats! Bravo on the DIY as well!

  6. AndreaS says:

    I love that you can laugh at this! I love the term gravity checks, and I think I’ll just intentionally just add to my “blooper reel” from now on! I saw a post on Facebook a while back that I absolutely love. It says “I didn’t fall, the floor just needed a hug”. That was what I was going with for a long time but you have given me some new material for my back pocket, just in case! Thanks and stay upright!