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My name is Amanda…and I have MS

… I wasn’t always ok with this fact, but after a year of adjusting I decided to accept that my disease is out of my control but what I do about it is in my control. Maybe this sounds like you or someone you know? If it does then I may have just the thing for you. It is called someonelikeme.ca, and it is a website dedicated to bringing together youth like us, because talking to someone who gets what you are going through is not easy to find and sometimes it is easy to become hidden behind the label of disease.

You will notice there is an ellipses between my name and my diagnosis, make no mistake this is intentional-there is so much more to me than this disease. For example: I was born and raised in Ontario, in the small town of Aurora just outside Toronto. I am a university student currently studying theatre, history and everything Canadian. I am die-hard Billy Talent fan but will pretty much listen to any kind of music. I am immensely passionate about the arts. I live for live theatre and plan to be in the professional world of theatre someday soon as an actor/stage manager. I could go on and on and on…but I usually save that for my blog.

Did I forget to mention??? YOU can also blog and tell your story on this site!! I have been a part of this community since its inception and just recently we have added new bloggers. This means opportunities for new voices and new stories. Maybe you have MS, or maybe you are close with someone who has MS. Either way we are waiting to hear from you, and I can tell you that there is nothing better than meeting someone who understands what you are going through.
I do hope to see you there!!!! Who Knows? Maybe you’ll even find someonelikeyou ;).

I’m also part of the national Youth Advisory Group for the MS Society of Canada! Interested in joining us and getting the voice of youth out there? The group is looking for new members between 15-30 who either have MS or who are close to someone with MS. Think about it….

thanks for your help!!!!!!
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  1. AndreaS says:

    Hi Amanda,

    So out of curiosity what is the Youth Advisory Group? What do you do and how do you get involved?

  2. Amanda Ramsden says:

    Hey Amanda!
    I just started looking at this site and was interested when I read your post. We have a lot in common! My name is Amanda Ramsden, and I am from Chatham Ontario. I was just diagnosed 3 months ago, and I am 17. I’ve been struggling with balance problems because of the numbness in my feet, and I just had my first injection yesterday. There is a lot of stuff to take in but I am very lucky to have 2 close friends and a loving boyfriend to help me through. I would like to talk to you and maybe ask a few questions? skittles-upside-piano@hotmail.com