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Since this is my first post on here, I guess I’ll start off with a bit of an introduction on myself and how I ended up becoming a blogger for this website.

I’m 19 years old, a Torontonian at heart, and  I have always grown up with a huge amount of passion and a thirst for life. I was a quite rebellious youngster (as any child would be) and I thought I was invincible, that nothing could stop me. When I entered high school, I was ready to rebel. I had started smoking pot regularly, smoking cigarettes religiously and drinking casually at fourteen years old. I really couldn’t tell you why, I have come from a good home (if not a little neglected) and I was pretty much a normal kid from the suburbs, except for my strange and overwhelming need to experiment and to test the limits of my body.


Hey! Come and join us at someonelikeme and the Youth Advisory Group!

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My name is Amanda…and I have MS

… I wasn’t always ok with this fact, but after a year of adjusting I decided to accept that my disease is out of my control but what I do about it is in my control. Maybe this sounds like you or someone you know? If it does then I may have just the thing for you. It is called, and it is a website dedicated to bringing together youth like us, because talking to someone who gets what you are going through is not easy to find and sometimes it is easy to become hidden behind the label of disease.

You will notice there is an ellipses between my name and my diagnosis, make no mistake this is intentional-there is so much more to me than this disease. For example: I was born and raised in Ontario, in the small town of Aurora just outside Toronto. I am a university student currently studying theatre, history and everything Canadian. I am die-hard Billy Talent fan but will pretty much listen to any kind of music. I am immensely passionate about the arts. I live for live theatre and plan to be in the professional world of theatre someday soon as an actor/stage manager. I could go on and on and on…but I usually save that for my blog.

Did I forget to mention??? YOU can also blog and tell your story on this site!! I have been a part of this community since its inception and just recently we have added new bloggers. This means opportunities for new voices and new stories. Maybe you have MS, or maybe you are close with someone who has MS. Either way we are waiting to hear from you, and I can tell you that there is nothing better than meeting someone who understands what you are going through.
I do hope to see you there!!!! Who Knows? Maybe you’ll even find someonelikeyou ;).

I’m also part of the national Youth Advisory Group for the MS Society of Canada! Interested in joining us and getting the voice of youth out there? The group is looking for new members between 15-30 who either have MS or who are close to someone with MS. Think about it….

thanks for your help!!!!!!
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New Directions… discussion welcome!

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Changes. It is not just a kick ass Bowie song. Hi everyone my name is Amanda and this is what is left of my blog…

I have been struggling to find something to write. I love this blog and the site and as one of the people who helped nurse it to life I have felt a great connection with all of you. Even if you don’t read my blogs per say, there are many blogs to read and much to discuss in the forum. I think however I still struggle with how to present the kind of topics I want to present while also remaining objective enough to allow for me not to shape or taint your views but instead to offer something to think about. There are many stories surrounding various “hot topics” within the ms society and while I could offer you on the one hand the account of what I have been up to (at the risk of it being nothing other than literature you can fall asleep to at night because I have mostly just been at school) I want to begin a conversation of innovation.


Back To Square One

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So as I mentioned in my last post, my diagnosis was recently amended from MS to NMO. (Neuromyelitis Optica) In many ways, I feel like I’m right back at the beginning. A whole new diagnosis means a whole host of new things I need to learn.

I need to be a quick study about NMO because it’s rare and medical practitioners know even less about it than they know about MS. I’ve given my GP an NMO guidebook so she can study up. I may very well be the only NMO patient she ever has. As it is, she only had two MS patients in her busy practice and I was one of them. Fortunately, she has always been extremely receptive to any information I could give her about MS and is equally so about NMO. She may not know a whole lot about either disease, but she is willing to learn and to work with me as a partner in my care. I am incredibly grateful for that.

Now that it’s been determined that I have NMO, I have had to switch both neurologists and clinics in order to receive optimal care for my disease. No matter how well meaning this decision was, it’s been hard. I feel vulnerable. Over the last five years, I’ve built a very good relationship with my neurologist. What I loved best about her was that we really connected and she always saw me not just as a patient, but as a person. I wasn’t merely a problem to fix, a disease, diagnosis or a set of symptoms. This is incredibly important to me, because I am so much more than that. I will really miss her.


Dear Diary…

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The year 2012 has ended and a brand new year has begun. With the beginning of a new year we reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Something that helps me reflect is my personal journal. I am an avid journal writer. I try and write everyday, but sometimes I only get a few entries in during the week. At start of each new year I peruse the entries of the past year. The years 2006 through 2011 were certainly not my finest years. If I were a writer for a soap opera or TV drama, I would have had a wealth of plot line opportunities to work with. Sometimes it felt like my life was better suited for a drama film with a tragic ending. 2012 was the year I finally turned the corner. Yes, there were still moments of melodrama, but overall the ups far out numbered the downs. (more…)