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The best time of the year is coming – CHRISTMAS!!!! As great as Christmas is, does anyone else struggle with Christmas?  I absolutely love the holiday and being around family but I find it VERY hard to remind myself that I need rest … I feel disgusting if I drink … I feel disgusting if I eat too many snacks and that I HAVE TO stay on my routine. 

 I get so caught up in the holiday cheer that I forget that I have MS (which is a great thing I’m able to do that), but I run myself down. 

 This year my Christmas will be tied with mixed emotions! I’ll be happy to remember my engagement last Christmas, but am quickly reminded of spending a lot of days in the hospital last Christmas as well. 

 However, I have come up with a few tips to help me keep myself balanced:

  • Always have nuts handy so that I don’t snack on all the chips and cookies around me
  • Always carry a bottle of water around with me to avoid drinking wine or anything else that will make me feel gross the next day and set me back
  • Suggest to others to take a “post-meal” walk so I don’t start feeling sluggish
  • Take some “time-out” from family and book a massage for myself over the break. It’s going to be a nice way to just wind down and enjoy some peace and quiet. 
  • Suggest to family or friends that you take turns cooking meals (I find my diet suffers the most over ANY holiday)
  • Be the one to host the Christmas party this year, that way you have a bit of control over what is being served to eat or drink
  • Volunteer to make the snacks (granola, etc)

 The hussle and bussle of Christmas can be very overwhelming … and exhausting … it’s important for each of us (healthy or not) to keep our body in a routine of some sort, but still manage to enjoy the season!!!

 How will YOU keep yourself in a routine?

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    Great advice….