Running away from it all

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 Hey guys,

Long time no post right? Haha ya life has been rather hectic these past few months. With university and summer work I have had almost ZERO time to just sit back and enjoy life.  After completing my first year of Industrial Engineering at Oregon State University, I started the tedious yet fulfilling task of finding a summer job. I got extremely lucky this past summer and was offered a job at Intel working with project planning and database management. The only problem with this is that on top of my summer 40-hour week job I also had to take two summer math courses in order to lighten my load for this coming year.

I would end the day wondering why I had signed up for so much stuff! Luckily for me my MS has managed to behave through it all so cheers so that; however, some weekends, when the stress is at a max and when I think I won’ be able to handle another week I drive out to a nearby hiking trail and just run until the stress is all gone. I feel so good and reenergized after my runs; they refuel me with the energy I need to make it through yet another week of exams, presentations, and monotone board meetings.

My advice to any students of any age really is finding something that brings you to life, something that sparks your interest. For me it’s running. Whenever life becomes too much or I just need to escape for a bit I lace up my Nike’s and hit the trail. Sometimes it’s for a 15 minute study break and others it’s for a two hour time slot to just run and clear my head of a fight I’ve had with my mom or an argument with a friend that I just can’t seem to come to terms with. Running always helps me. Now ask yourself, what helps you?


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