MS Camp 2012!

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Tree hugging, lock diving, dead fish and a funny egg pod that we’re still not sure what it is.

All of these are just a few of the great times we had at camp this year, going zip lining for the first time in years was differently fun, moving past the scrapes, bruises and splinters that were found in a few select legs. But for the most part I think that everyone that went had a great time. Camp this year was different in a way, there were so many kids if it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t remember all of their names.

Talking with the peer support leaders was a lot of fun, and hearing some of the new stories – sad but funny at times too, we’ve all done those embarrassing things, or had them happen to us without it meaning to, and as some of us have found out, you can’t stay on the little things in life, you gotta learn to laugh it off and smile keeping it in your memories to be told to the next group of new kids.

The best part of camp this year wasn’t that it was longer but it showed us veterans as we began calling ourselves who needs more help, not in the doctor way but in a shoulder kind of way. I hope that every new camper that went this year had fun, and didn’t regret going, that they made friends who they know will be there to make you laugh, put a smile on your face and cry right alongside with you.

Yea, a few ‘veteran’ campers didn’t return, but that doesn’t mean that we lost friends, it just means that when we do see them again, it will be that much sweeter to see their faces and catch up like we did before.

Our camp isn’t just a camp. It’s a place where us kids with MS can be normal for once and not the sicky freak in the school that has to take more pills then we can count, or has needle marks in their legs and arms. At camp we are the normal, the wacky and slightly confused.


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