How to battle stress? Even the good kind!

Written by on July 31st, 2012 – 1 Comment

How many times have we all had an attack and been told “relax, don’t stress”.  How easy is that when you can’t walk? Have no vision? Are throwing up? Can’t write? Throw a ball? cook a meal? Not too easy, am I right?

Well what about when it’s the GOOD kind of stress? My fiancé and I are building a house right now and our possession date is NEXT WEEK (august 1st) – we have counter-tops to go in, appliances to be delivered, good stress right? Well throw our wedding on-top of that, we get married August 4th in another town other than where we live (Saskatoon).  We have guests that are expecting to stay at our house (love them to death), but we aren’t even in our house yet. It seems I’m not even married and the questions start multiplying “when are you having a family?” the thought is a kind one, but a stressful one. To put the icing on the cake; I just bought into a shoe franchise!

Am I the only one that finds even GOOD stress starts to make your symptoms flare up? The heat seems to bug you a little more, your mood seems to get touchy, you stop sleeping resulting in an even worse mood.  No matter what kind of stress I get (whether it be good stress like now, or bad stress) I find my body changes – it feels like I’m going through something or getting ready for an explosion?! Am I just meant to be mono-tone for the rest of my life? Have no extreme emotion?

Spicy's ShoeYou know how I battle stress? I buy shoes! Here is my beautiful wedding shoe!

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  1. Niftybunny says:

    I am definitely with you on this one. It was actually the good stress of my wedding that caused the relapse that got me diagnosed. Any stress whatsoever, no matter if the cause is good or bad, tends to flare up my symptoms and make me grumpy due to the reasons you stated. I find painting helps me destress. The only problem is when I am so stressed that my hands start to tingle and cramp and I cannot paint… then I have a problem (there’s a certain irony in my stress causing me to be unable to do the thing that relieves my stress). I also like shopping (but my bank account doesn’t, so I can only do that so much!) and cooking. I LOVE your wedding shoes by the way! Stress can be difficult to battle no matter who you are, just for us, its stress is an even more stressful subject! What a life!