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How to battle stress? Even the good kind!

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How many times have we all had an attack and been told “relax, don’t stress”.  How easy is that when you can’t walk? Have no vision? Are throwing up? Can’t write? Throw a ball? cook a meal? Not too easy, am I right?

Well what about when it’s the GOOD kind of stress? My fiancé and I are building a house right now and our possession date is NEXT WEEK (august 1st) – we have counter-tops to go in, appliances to be delivered, good stress right? Well throw our wedding on-top of that, we get married August 4th in another town other than where we live (Saskatoon).  We have guests that are expecting to stay at our house (love them to death), but we aren’t even in our house yet. It seems I’m not even married and the questions start multiplying “when are you having a family?” the thought is a kind one, but a stressful one. To put the icing on the cake; I just bought into a shoe franchise! (more…)

Just Live!

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Future, Past, PresentDo not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment – Buddha.

Life is nothing if not fleeting. Dealing with MS certainly makes one take in their surroundings and try not to take basic things for granted.  A friend sent me this quote on afternoon, thinking it would cheer me up. I didn’t realize just how truthful these simple words were.

We can get caught up and lost in this disease. There are the never ending doctor and specialist appointments. There are relapses and remissions. Mobility and symptom issues as well. The intricacies of this disease are vast. Yet we persevere. We have no choice but to be strong. We have no choice but to put one foot, wheel, or cane in front of the other. We reach out to each other in the hopes that we find someone who deals with what we deal with. We enter studies to try and help researchers find out what causes MS so in the end we can cure it. We fight a never ending war with what I call a cruel adversary, MS. (more…)

R.S.V.P or R.S.V.Don’t?

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How to combat the fatigue, MS symptoms or general not feeling well when having to attend social functions? With spring fading and summer beginning, the invitations to social function are starting to stack up. With these increasing invitations it also brings an increase in anxiety. I am a person that absolutely hates to disappoint. The last thing I want is to have to decline an invitation because I am not feeling well. I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way. I know I can’t be the only one who has to cancel last minute because MS has reared its ugly head. So with that in mind how does one keep from complete disappointment? How can this crusader keep up appearances?

When I get invitations to social functions there is a checklist I run through in my head. Is it outside? Is it supposed to be sunny and warm? How many other people are going? How long ago was my last treatment? Depending on what the results are in my checklist, I respond to the invitation. Unless there is a big problem I try and go to each function. Occasionally even though I have been committed to go, I wake up the morning of the function unable to go. I must say I have a group of very understanding friends. They understand if I need to stay home or if I have to leave early from a function. Still, I must admit there is a measure of guilt when this happens. (more…)

There is no drag like US Drag

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Hi I am Amanda and this is my blog…

U.S. Drag“US Drag is a term coined by William Burroughs…” It is also a kick a$$ fringe show I have had the extreme pleasure of being a part of. Since April I have witnessed some VERY talented actors rehearsing, and me (the youngest of them all) got to be their stage manager. The amount of responsibility that goes into this role was way above my head at the time I agreed to the project however thanks to the support of the director, Tom McHale, and the producers, Samara Stern, Zoe Gamache and Josh Vokey, I was provided with all the tools I needed to excel-and managed to have some fun along the way.

The Toronto Fringe Festival runs two weeks in July every year. It features original works, well-known plays and plays that exist but for whatever reason aren’t put on all that often. Our show, US Drag, was written by Gina Gionfriddo who is a witty playwright that has created a very episodic and very “film-like” play. (more…)

The Social Disconnect

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VerlynOne of the hardest things for me dealing with MS, both when I was first diagnosed between Gr. 10 – Gr. 11 and now in university is how it makes me feel and impacts me socially. When I first started experiencing symptoms and missing school I felt like I’d basically lost myself. I went very suddenly from being a typical high school kid to having to think and worry about all the uncertainty and “what ifs” of a lifelong illness. I’d always had a lot of different friends but the kind and quality of friends I had really became apparent in this period. I mean it’s natural for friends to come and go throughout time but some people I thought I’d know forever faded away into the distance, partially due to their inability to understand and support me in what I was going through. No hard feeling towards them though, it’s taken me a long time to be able to say that– but I found it hard and still find it hard to understand and support myself through this illness at times.  (more…)