The Challenge: Get out there and do it!

Written by on June 12th, 2012 –

One of my proudest moments last year was completeing a 30 day hot yoga challenge. It was hard at first–I’m an ice cream kinda girl living in a coffee shop world but it was something I had wanted to do for myself for the longest time. Finally, I decided that there was no time like the present. Doing the challenge and devoting a part of my day to me really made me see how much of our day we spend doing things for reasons other then our own personal happiness, as well as the things we may do or don’t do based on how MS impacts our lives. Impacts like invasive daily medications, frequent clinic visits, or even the physical and emotional symptoms that we let hold us back in a way from really living and experiencing this life.

For me it was the fatigue. Like many other people with MS, I deal with immense tiredness and weakness. This “invisible” symptom has played a huge part in how much I have partaken in “me” activities since being diagnosed. Activities as routine as going to hang out with my friends, or as spontaneous as just trying something new– fatigue has been my excuse for holding back. Challenging myself really helped me gain a sense of control over how this symptom has held me back in the past.

Multiple sclerosis can be so draining at times that I feel it completely blurs out and makes you forget about any goals or dreams you may have had. Working with the 30 day challenge I set my own mini goals, my own personal triumphs that took into account this illness but still propelled me to strive forward towards my own personal success. This is part of another important lesson I’m slowly learning:

It’s important to be gentle with yourself and to not get frustrated if you can’t quite “do things the same”. Everyday is going to be a different day and how we feel and function is going to fluctuate. It’s important to accept this and be grateful to ourselves for trying our best, without judging how this day might compare to another. More on this in my next post The Challenge Part 2.  To end I’m going to challenge you to get out there do something for you, it’s time to take a little bit of time back for yourself.


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