Inquiries to Answers

Written by on May 8th, 2012 –

I was recently lacking inspiration for a blog article so naturally I turned to my friends for some help. I was interested to know what they wanted to know about MS and what questions they had. After some sorting, I have decided to answer two of my friends’ inquiries.

The first inquiry was: “what have you found that relieves some of your symptoms.” My symptoms are exacerbated by heat, fatigue and stress. So I try very hard to get as much sleep as I can, which can pose somewhat difficult as I also suffer from insomnia. I try to keep my life as stress free as possible, which we all know is a losing battle. However, I try not to sweat the small stuff.  In regards to heat, I stay out of places that are too warm, can cause me to overheat, and definitely the sun in the summer. Unfortunately, I am unable to have more than a lukewarm bath or shower. Hot tubs are definitely not an option for me either. These are all small sacrifices to make in order to keep MS in check. I also cannot forget to mention that my treatment protocol, Tysabri, is a huge factor in keeping my symptoms in check. When all of these things work together I can appear as almost a normal 26 year old! Almost!

The second inquiry was: “what’s the best thing to do when you are really feeling low.” I like escapism. I will read an engaging book, write, or listen to some upbeat music on my iPod. I try to pull myself out of the low moods. I try to always remember that I am fortunate. I have many blessings in my life. There are some in this world who are not as fortunate or do not have the support systems they need in this life. MS is simply a part of me, it certainly doesn’t define me nor will a really low mood. I may have a larger cross to bear in this lifetime but I will conquer my dreams! It may just take a little longer than anticipated!

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