We’re In This Together

Written by on April 17th, 2012 –

Recently, I attended the annual general meeting for the Lower Mainland Chapter of the MS Society in BC. Part of the meeting included an education series and I had the pleasure of hearing MS research scientist, Dr. Helen Tremlett speak about her work.

During Dr. Temlett’s studies, she received training about which drugs would treat which illnesses. When they covered MS, the instructor said that there weren’t any drugs (at the time) and they didn’t know how to treat it. This piqued her interested and she wanted to know why this was. Her curiosity led her to pursue a career as an MS researcher.

Dr. Tremlett came to Canada from the UK after receiving a research grant from the MS Society of Canada. When she left England, she told her mother she’d be gone for a year-that was 11 years ago. Today she has a research team of 18 people working under her direction at the University of British Columbia. Her team is made up of the best and brightest minds from around the world, including countries like Iran, India, Taiwan and her work is now fully funded by the government of Canada.

I wish everyone with MS could hear Dr. Tremlett speak about the research she and her team are doing. She is warm, funny and extremely passionate and excited about the work she is doing. I think it’s uplifting and inspiring to know we’re not alone in fighting this disease. There are amazing individuals in laboratories all across Canada who have dedicated their lives towards not just finding a cure, but also working hard in the meantime to improve the lives of those of us who live with MS. I for one am deeply grateful.


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