Do you want my opinion on CCSVI? Why – when it will just be judged and used against me?

Written by on April 3rd, 2012 – 1 Comment

The most sensitive subject in the past 2 years, CCSVI!!!  I’ve kept a neutral position on this topic as I realize it’s a personal choice and each to their own!!! I wish other people (with MS and without) could learn this opinion.  Why is it ANYONE’S business whether or not I choose to do the surgery?! I’m all for raising awareness and education amongst people, but the bottom line – IT IS MY DECISION!!! I’m tired of all the looks I get when I share that I’m “neutral” on the situation.  I know people it has worked wonders for and I know people it didn’t change a thing and I know people that it worked for in a 2 week period.  Again, do I judge them for what they chose? NO, where do people get off thinking they can judge me (or my family and friends).

I do realize that often people just care, but there are other ways to show you care besides sending people with MS articles and “proof” of this surgery.  Do I have an opinion about this procedure? Absolutely!!! Do I feel I need to share it with the world? No! There is nothing satisfying about proofing people wrong OR confirming people’s opinions … I prefer to remain where I am “on the fence”.   Am I satisfied that finally there is some more research and follow up going on? Absolutely!

One thing remains the same through all this; you live with your decision so make sure it is that … YOUR DECISION!!!!

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    Well said!