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Hi I am Amanda and this is my bloggg 🙂

THE WEATHER IS GETTING BETTER!!!!!! This means two things: symptoms caused by unbearable heat AND CAMP!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

So hi everyone!  I have been MIA for awhile for many reasons (thankfully none of which are health related) but all of that you will definitely hear about (and if you are in Toronto and reading this perhaps you can even catch the plays I am involved with? Lol) later, today I gotta talk about my favourite week of summer: MS CAMP!!

You are probably thinking “MS camp? Lame.” If this is what you are thinking I guarantee you are not only wrong, but maybe also a little bit confuzzled, because MS Camp is actually the best. It is so amazing that I become this inarticulate pre-teen when describing it.

This is how I see it, when you go to camp you can just be. You can meet a bunch of people who know EXACTLY what you are going through. My friends from camp know me. They know me better than some people I have known for years and most of them I can only see at camp. They understand your frustration and your angst and your rage towards MS because they have it too, and the best part is you never have to talk about it if you don’t want to. You can just have fun, without feeling like you are misunderstood if halfway through an activity you are just too tired to continue.

Did I mention I will be there? 😛 Usually you can find me laughing or singing or being my crazy self…and I literally can’t stop smiling for an entire week-heck I barely sleep when I am there because I just want to absorb every moment!!

So ok now you might be thinking, “Ok maybe it is an experience that is worth it but Amanda you are way too positive for me to believe you 100%”…well you don’t have to but what have you got to lose? You have already visited this site and I am sure you are at least curious right? Because camp is supposed to be for kids…but this camp is for teens too.

I made the mistake of not going in the first year they organized camp, and I super regret it because I missed out, big time. Some campers are younger, but most are the exact age of our readers on someonelikeme, and considering I have religiously stalked the chat feed on this site, I get the vibe that you would enjoy this place.

Other reasons why you should come to camp:

  • We have campers who come from all over the world (last year I met some cool peeps from Germany and Scotland who both have MS, lest we forget my roomie for the week who is from and works for the MS Society in Italy)
  • They have all the activities you could want from camp-and they are accessible (even sailing!!)
  • For a week you will have all your meds brought to you, and be notified when you have to have your MS meds (be it a needle or pill)…so basically they keep track of your meds for you for a week
  • Did I mention it’s free?

So hopefully your last question now is, “Ok Amanda I get the picture, this is something I should look into…how the heck do I do that?” Well my friends I have thought of everything…just click on this link:

And as for the icky symptoms caused by the heat? I am afraid I can’t help you there…but I can offer you something to look forward to and some company for a week (I give really good hugs lol).

So if you haven’t guessed yet I am trying to entice you to sign up, maybe we need the link again: …and if you aren’t sold hopefully my campers are reading this and will like this post or post a response to change your mind.

Hoping to see you at camp this year!!

Stay tuned for future updates about why I disappeared for a bit 😛

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