Reaching a boiling point PART TWO

Written by on January 24th, 2012 –

Hi I am Amanda and this is (the continuation) of my blog 🙂

Now where was I? Oh yes, masking MS. I have another person to tell you about. This person too hides their disease, but is not that good at it anymore. This person in question has loved with MS for a long time and has gone through a lot of changes-and not just ms-related. This person was left without a family, who left for reasons I have not been informed of other then that they had something to do with this person’s MS. I think that would make anyone bitter and boy is this person bitter. I don’t blame them for these feelings either, but instead try to offer life in a more positive light. What I see when I look at this person is someone who just won’t give up. Having lived with the disease for over a decade, it has taken its toll (mostly cognitively) which affects this person’s ability to work-but this person still does AND full-time. But instead of seeing the accomplishments this person only sees hardship and is constantly embarrassed by memory glitches.

I can’t help but wondering why, after meeting these two adults, they find themselves succumbing to their anger and frustration. It initially made me scared and I thought for a long time that this must be the future of MS: Constant frustration and a life that although may include accomplishments also includes some element that forces us to hide in our shells. But this can’t be can it? There has to be SOME way around it right?

Keep reading, the answer is next time…

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