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Written by on January 26th, 2012 –

My teeth have always been slightly crooked and rotated and that’s always bothered me. I had an orthodontics consultation when I was in my early 30s, but true to form, I didn’t pursue it. A year after I was diagnosed with MS, I decided to get braces and straighten my teeth. Now that I’m averaging a brain MRI about every 6 months, what could be better than a mouth full of metal?

I’ve had three MRI’s since the braces went on in June ‘10. The first MRI was done when just the top braces were on. They are all ceramic, with a bit of metal. The orthodontist was kind enough to take off the two metal brackets and take out the wire before the appointment and then put everything back on after. By the time the other two MRI’s rolled around, the bottom braces were on and unfortunately they’re all metal.

The metal has distorted some of the imaging of the brain. My neurologist can’t see too clearly what is going on in some parts. There could be all kinds of craziness going on in there. Who knows? It keeps things interesting.

I don’t regret for a second getting the braces on. I’ve finally come to a place where my MS doesn’t influence every decision I make. It’s just a short time that they can’t peer into parts of my brain, but I’ll have those lovely, straight teeth for years to come.

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