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Reaching a boiling point FINALE

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So I must confess, watching Dexter as often as I do is what sparked this three part blog. I liked the idea of suspense :P.. I have been thinking a lot about who I am and who I will become-all the time forgetting that the only one who can change my course of life is me. I often give agency to others-I let other people’s experiences cloud how I picture my life developing, and this is probably because I just don’t want to face my reality and I would rather know how things will work out-even if it is based on someone else’s account. But the truth (the scariest thing for me to admit by the way) is that there is still a lot I don’t know. There is still a lot I have to discover-about myself, about my MS-and all I can do is try my best to take charge of what I can and stop worrying about the rest. (more…)

Metal Head

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My teeth have always been slightly crooked and rotated and that’s always bothered me. I had an orthodontics consultation when I was in my early 30s, but true to form, I didn’t pursue it. A year after I was diagnosed with MS, I decided to get braces and straighten my teeth. Now that I’m averaging a brain MRI about every 6 months, what could be better than a mouth full of metal? (more…)

Reaching a boiling point PART TWO

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Hi I am Amanda and this is (the continuation) of my blog 🙂

Now where was I? Oh yes, masking MS. I have another person to tell you about. This person too hides their disease, but is not that good at it anymore. This person in question has loved with MS for a long time and has gone through a lot of changes-and not just ms-related. This person was left without a family, who left for reasons I have not been informed of other then that they had something to do with this person’s MS. (more…)


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If you’d asked me 4 years ago, how I looked after myself, I don’t think I would have had a clue what you were talking about. As my health (and by extension my life) changed with the diagnosis of MS, I had to start considering how I would deal with the stress of living with an unpredictable, life-altering disease. It was time to develop some self-care strategies.

The term “self-care” refers to activities and practices that we do in order to maintain and enhance our overall health and well-being. It’s small, mindful things you can do to be kinder and gentler to yourself. (more…)

Reaching a boiling point

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Hi I am Amanda and this is my blog 🙂

It goes without saying that life comes with its’ hardships. I will spare you a sob story, but I do want to try to structure this blog in such a way that you can get something out of it and on a level that goes beyond simply being able to relate. So put your thinking caps on-or go to the next blog, no one is forcing you to read this right?

But in order to get to my point I want to tell you a story. (more…)

New Research

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I am Amanda and this is my blog 🙂

I was recently in the news (no big deal :P), but really I am just using being in this story as an excuse to share some very important info. This story was not about me-well any more then it is about any of you living with MS. If you were diagnosed early in life-especially at Sick Kids-you might want to read this, or maybe you saw the news report already. (more…)

I Forget…

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Not to brag, but I have a good memory.  Not necessarily for practical, every day things (where are my keys??), but for names and faces; for places and directions; for stories, movies and trivia; for events; for information about people, I really do have a very good memory.

If I had been given a choice between physical or cognitive problems when I was first diagnosed, I would have chosen the cognitive ones hands down. I was all about hiding my MS and to me, cognitive problems would be easier to hide. I figured that I would just use my cell phone more to keep track of things and that would be that. (more…)