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Ready, set… GO, GO, GO 🙂

Hey guys! Here I am blogging from Corvallis, Oregon in my college dorm room. It is week three of my first term as an Oregon State Beaver and I couldn’t be happier. My grades are all where they should be and I have plenty of friends throughout campus. My MS has not had the privilege of visiting me yet and I do not plan on welcoming it in..

College has been a great thing for me. It has given me the space and independence I need. I do miss home, I think about it every night; sometimes I even cry a little. Though I’ve always been independent and never really big on  family activities, I knew I could count on them whenever I needed them; I knew that my mom and dad were always down the hall and my brother was right across the hallway. I knew the hug and the words I needed to hear were always there.

Now that hug is about an hour and a half away. I still hear the words I need to hear but over the phone which is just never the same. I miss my family but I know that they are proud of me, of who I’ve become, and who I am striving to be.

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