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Written by on November 15th, 2011 –

Life in my household has been chaotic as of lately. My mom (or mama as I loving refer to her) recently underwent major surgery. My aunt from Alberta flew out to be here while she was in the hospital and for the first few days she was home. Now that my aunt has flown home, during the day it is typically just me and my mama. Everyone else is currently working full-time. After all the years of mama taking care of me, I gladly get to return the favour.

My mama tells me daily that she will try to be “less demanding.” I simply scoff and tell her to relax and enjoy it. For now, I am whatever she needs on call! When I am in an MS flare, typically my legs don’t function. As a result, I require help with the most basic functions of daily life; much like my mama requires now. Her recovery time will be approximately eight weeks. Thankfully I have made a great recovery from flare that occurred in late May. I will say that by evening my legs are wobbly and fine motor skills in my feet are still lacking however, great progress has been made! The forearm crutches have once again been tucked away!

This situation has placed in perspective the monumental task that falls on to my family and friends when I am in need. It is a task that they pick up without hesitation. It is a task I am happy to be able to return for my mama.  It is a task I would do for all of those I love. I have to say, the flip side definitely is a very different place for me to be. Until next time my friends.

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