Finding my ZEN

Written by on November 29th, 2011 –

Multiple Sclerosis/Stress, Multiple Sclerosis/Stress, Multiple Sclerosis/Stress – 3 words that seem to just “fit” together without question.  How many times have we all been stressed out or landed in the hospital and the doc looks at you and says “you have to learn to relax and not get stressed out” or my personal favourite, “I understand that you can’t see and you’re off work for 3 months but try and stay calm and not get stressed out” …. interesting statement?!

After spending Septemeber-April in and out of the hospitals I have finally started to feel better and less stressed.  Now that I’m finally feeling better I think I have found a way to keep my stress down – YOGA & Tai Chi.  I have never felt more in tune with my body than I do now, and have just learnt what it means to “relax every part of your body”.  It seems it took an instructor telling me to RELAX … for me to actually relax! I am more flexible, stronger, confident, and just more overall more in tune with my body.  As a personal trainer I have found that my recovery time with working out has taken my body longer and longer to recover, I needed to find something to help – and that’s yoga!

I know it seems like a lot, but take the time to even pop in a dvd (can be purchased anyway for a pretty cheap price) and try out yoga – it took me 2-3 weeks to finally feel good from it and get the most from it.  Keeping fit is important for everyone, but the research between MS and physical activity is amazing.  I want  to take care of the body I have and hope that by staying active in my OWN personal way I can continue the amazing quality of life I have.

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